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Medicinal Plants for the heart

The benefits that provide us with medicinal herbs are infinite. It is always a good resource, in our day to day support that worth getting to know. There are many options in nature to take care of our heart, from those that we relax avoiding palpitations, passing through those regulating stress to which reduces our cholesterol. There are many antioxidants, and a great treasure that we invite you to know.

Medicinal Plants for the heart

1- Herbal medicine for our heart:

The majority of plants that we are going to present are easy to find. It is common to purchase them in pharmacies and health food shops. Its properties are well known, anyway, if you have questions remember that you can always ask your doctor. Obviously, take these infusions does not absolve you for example leaving your own medication. These plants are only a magnificent Add-ons that can help us in our day to day. But I know constant!
Also let you know that the following herbal teas can sweeten with honey. You know that honey, on the other hand, is an excellent complement for heart conditions. It also is to take that which is more your taste, a two times a day.

Horsetail infusion:

Without a doubt, one of the herbs that most allow us to improve our circulation. What is horsetail can do for you? It avoids the hardening of the arteries (arterioresclerosis) due to the action of lipids. If you usually eat ponytail you will find a great improvement in your circulation.

How to prepare it?

Simple, just half a teaspoon of horsetail herb. Boil a cup of water and allows it to reach boiling, then let it rest for 5 minutes. You can take it twice a day.


The Hawthorn properties are known since ancient times. Takes care of our veins and arteries, has vasodilatory properties, regulates the tachycardia, arrhythmias and gives us also a sedative and relaxing feeling.

How to prepare it?

Please enter a spoonful of its flowers and leaves. You'll usually find infusion ready in baggies, so there is no problem. It is recommended to take two cups a day of regular mode. You will notice the results.

Medicinal Plants for the heart

Rosemary infusion and ruda:

These plants, both Rosemary and Rue, have great properties for reactivating the circulation and bring it to normal levels. You must not have problem in finding them, in your herbal or they can supply natural store. The benefits of these two combined plants are also well known for traditional medicine, being very appropriate to regulate our tension if you have it high.

How to prepare it?

Very easy. Place a spoonful of each herb for each half litre of water. Let them boil for 15 minutes, then turn off the fire and let sit 5 minutes. Then, you do not have more than strain it and drink a Cup to get up and again at bedtime. You will feel the results!

Lemon balm and Valerian:

The combination of these two plants is ideal to prevent palpitations. In those moments in which you are very nervous, full of anxiety, or that even you feel dizzy, this infusion you will allow to relax and even help you rest better. They are soothing the nervous system, at the same time that regulate circulation, fight insomnia and stand as excellent "cardio-tonic".

How to prepare it?

Insurance that has already taken them separately ever. It is time to combine them, and take them especially before bedtime or when you arrive home. Just use one teabag for each plant, of lemon balm and Valerian, and bring them to a boil with a cup of water. Don't forget to sweeten them with a tablespoon of honey!

Medicinal Plants for the heart

Green tea and Witch Hazel:

Surprised? It is possible, but do not hesitate, this combination stands as a remedy excellent to reduce cholesterol and have a good supply of antioxidants, and not only that, we help to lower blood sugar levels. As you can see it is therefore an essential infusion that you should not miss the opportunity to try and introduce daily in your diet, at least twice a day. What if we started our breakfast with a cup of green tea with hammelis?

How to prepare it?

Very easy, in the traditional way. A bag of green tea and a witch hazel. Put them in boiling water and leave to rest five minutes. Using honey as a sweetener and as always in the ritual of the tea, take a few minutes of rest to taste them. Most importantly, be constant and enjoy them every day.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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