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Recipes for preparing homemade air fresheners

Nature has given us different products which can have various uses, especially for the home. Some have very good smell and may be used by us to give you a better aroma all over our House, as can do it where your favorite air freshener is finished. Let's start with these natural products and know your preparation!

Recipes for preparing homemade air fresheners

1- Natural essences:

Choose the essence that you like, put water in a pan with two tablespoons of baking soda, shake very well until they are compact and add to the mix a few drops of essence. Pour the mixture in the container that you are using, stir well, and ready! You have your simple and delicious homemade air freshener.

2- Orange or lemon:

For this you'll need the peel of an orange or a lemon, along with cinnamon, white vinegar, water and sugar.
Boil half a litre of water with cinnamon, the shell of the fruit that you've chosen, and a few tablespoons of sugar. Mixed with vinegar and keep it in a jar with splash and is already.

Recipes for preparing homemade air fresheners

3- Peppermint:

The Mint as well as provide you with a fresh and clean scent to the home serves to ward off insects that are so annoying. Boil a bit of mint along with the juice of a lemon, more a bit of water, and pour it into a jar with splash.

4- Coffee:

As you might already know, the smell of coffee is something striking and for many turns out to be delicious and enjoyable, as well as give a good scent to your home, it is ideal to neutralize a smelly, so you can use it especially for the bathroom and the kitchen. You can put just a few grains of coffee in a small sack, distribution over the entire House and the grain only from if will give a good smell.

5- Nails:

The smell of this spice is also used to give a better scent to the home. Nails with shell of Orange, cinnamon powder, extract, vanilla and Ginger mixture. Cook these ingredients to simmer for a few minutes, after that this cold put the mixture in a spray bottle, and spread over the entire House.
You can do so on the furniture, since there is no possibility of that stain them.

6- Vinegar:

Vinegar has different uses for home, especially is used to eliminate bad odors. Also turns out to be an economic ingredient and that is that we are recommending it in this article as air freshener. The striking of the vinegar is to eliminate odors, since it absorbs them; so simply in the places that have odor put a cup of vinegar and ready.

7- Dried flowers and herbs aromatic:

Stored in an airtight jar flowers and herbs for a week, add a few drops of essence and stir each day. After a while is going to be well concentrated, even you can save it in the same jar with splash; When it has already passed the time needed simply to spread it and now.
You can also do it in different jars and use it as air freshener and decoration, leave it as the same time preferred and then simply uncover it and let it fill the atmosphere of a good scent.

8- Scented sachets:

Like coffee, you simply put the species that you like such as lemon, Rosemary, clove, lavender, among others. The beauty of this is that not only will you give your House a good smell, but you can also use the bags as an ornament.

Recipes for preparing homemade air fresheners

9- Cinnamon sticks:

The smell of cinnamon is one of the Favorites when it comes to flavoring a House. You can decorate different places of the House simply with some cinnamon chips, already goes on your creativity how organize it and on what. The important thing is that this soon will liven up your home smell good.


It is important that your home has good smell, so that you feel comfortable and full on it. These homemade for recipes are ideal, because in addition to providing a true good smell, it is healthy, it is not made up of chemicals or any product that can do harm to your body as are some of the flavors that sell in the market.
Choose the aroma that you like and permeate every corner, tries to always keep the same smell, i.e. practice several of these recipes and leaves which you like the most but different odors do not fill your House, this will cause a feeling of nuisance by so many smells.
We hope that you have served our homemade air fresheners and you take them to practice, the best of these recipes is that they are inexpensive and are very easy to perform.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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