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Lose weight with the Mediterranean diet

It is true that there are many types of diet. Perhaps too many. But experts tell us that we must look for those that are more healthy, those who in addition to helping us go losing weight, provide us essential nutrients. The Mediterranean diet stands as an excellent option that you can not miss.
The Mediterranean diet is rich in protein, fiber, omega-3, whole, mineral grains, vitamins and more importantly, just there are fat, flour and sugar industry. See it in detail.

Lose weight with the Mediterranean diet

1- Why can you help me lose weight the Mediterranean diet?

First of all we must say that the Mediterranean diet does not respond directly to a method to lose weight in the strict sense. It is keep a very healthy eating habits where, thanks to its components and their habits, we regulate our weight excluding everything that can make us gain weight, or even sick. Nutritionists tell us that with it, we may lose a kilo a week.
By this we mean that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial not only for us, but also for the whole family. In it, the basic principles of the Food Guide Pyramid recommended by the who (World Health Organization) are met.
The benefits of the Mediterranean diet lies in his excellent contribution of healthy fats, only the monounsaturated from olive oil and fatty acids such as Omega 6.
Excludes animal protein, as well as red meat.
It is the most antioxidant-rich diet: fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes...
Excellent contribution of fiber.
Thanks to the Mediterranean diet we can reduce our blood cholesterol, protect us from cardiovascular diseases, and care for our weight thanks to this balanced supply of nutrients are excluded where the harmful fats for our organism.

Lose weight with the Mediterranean diet

2- Do foods constitute the Mediterranean diet?

Vegetables, nuts as nuts, legumes, fruits like Orange, lemon, melon, apples, grapes...
The olive oil as main source of fat.
The wine consumed in moderate amounts. No more than one glass a day.
Fish such as tuna, salmon, cod...
The pasta as a main source of carbohydrates.
If some kind of meat consumed, this is always or chicken or Turkey well. They are lean meats.
This so balanced, varied and healthy diet, just as beneficial habits joined him. Walking daily in the Sun, absorbing thus needed vitamin D, the importance of breakfast, eating at how relaxed and quiet family... habits that sometimes neglect because of our obligations, and which are an essential part of our health.

Lose weight with the Mediterranean diet

3- Guidelines to meet the Mediterranean diet:

You must meet 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, meal, snack and dinner. The objective is to eat quantities balanced five times a day and never in large quantities.
No you never dispense with breakfast, it is essential that you get the necessary energy to start the day and to balance the contribution of throughout the day.
Dispenses with the use of butter. Always replace it with olive oil.
The dinner will be essentially based on vegetables.
Not you excluyas not the bread, it is essential to provide fiber. Select those of whole grain, being highly recommended the rye or oats.
Spices are also highly recommended: oregano, basil, parsley,... and garlic.
Sweets are not allowed. It replaces cow's milk by vegetable milks.
It is advisable to also drink a small glass of wine a day, as well as two litres of water a day.

Lose weight with the Mediterranean diet

4- Examples of Mediterranean diet:

We then give you three examples of menu. The next few days you can make combinations you want knowing which foods are the healthiest in the Mediterranean diet. It is important that commas always at the same time, fruits and vegetables are always fresh. Within hours, if you're feeling hungry, you can resort to the nuts such as walnuts or pistachios. Also try fruit juices are fresh and freshly made. Don't forget to eat in peace, and walk at least one hour a day.

Menu 1

Orange juice, an integral toast with honey.

An Apple

Salad of lettuce, with granada media and a splash of lemon.
Chicken breast baked with lemon
An infusion of green tea

A cup of grapes

Sautéed spinach with shrimp
Baked hake
Apple juice

Menu 2

A cup of oatmeal with two nuts and a plum.

A nonfat yogurt

Pasta with tomatoes, basil, olives salad black, and olive oil.
Zucchini with oregano and pepper puree.

A cup of Apple jam

Baked Eggplant
A salad of lettuce and grated carrot
An infusion of Chamomile and lemon

Menu 3

Oat milk and an Apple

A toasted integral with buttered tomato.

Brown rice with mushrooms
A salad with two slices of Orange.

Peach juice

The artichoke is boiled with olive oil and a vinegar goodies.
A spinach salad with Turkey bits and chunks of pineapple.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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