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Medicinal herbs that improve concentration

Occasionally, our responsibilities of everyday life and the stress that we are sometimes subjected, it makes us small oversights. It cost us focus, provide information to certain stimuli; more than anything that we're tired or don't have enough energy. Don't worry, the nature is wise and always has remedies for us.

Medicinal herbs that improve concentration

1- The benefits of herbal medicine:

Herbal medicine aims to bring the benefits of certain medicinal plants to improve our physical, mental, and emotional health. In fact, much of the pharmacopoeia is based on many of the essential components that gives us nature, so knowing what herbs are appropriate, can certainly achieve good results.
But how can you help me to improve my concentration? There are plants that can improve our circulation, thus promoting the activity of neurons. And not only that, its antioxidant properties fight avoiding premature aging-free radicals, reduce stress, anxiety and enhance our Synapse neural to improve memory and concentration.

2- Which plants can improve my concentration?

Medicinal herbs that improve concentration


You may be surprised, we are accustomed to using the Rosemary to accompany our dishes, our rice. We also use its oil to reduce inflammation joint, but one of its greatest characteristics is its power as an enhancer of memory, concentration and brain function.
Rosemary also contains flavonoids and vitamin B3, two wonderful components that contribute glucose to the brain and help the maintenance of blood vessels.
You can prepare an infusion with a sprig of Rosemary. You let it boil together with a cup of water then, allow it to rest. It's okay to take it in the morning, as well as media later. As a contraindication, we can say that it is not advisable to combine this infusion with aspirin, nor if you are pregnant or suffer from diarrhoea.
If you take between one to two cups a day, you will notice how improving your mental clarity, relieving your stress and your fatigue.


The herbalists always recommend it, it is certainly a good choice. There is a study carried out in October 2003 and published in the "American Family Physician" and directed by Professor Arushanian, which showed that volunteers who took ginseng during three months, showed an increase in their concentration and memory above those who, for his part, took only placebo.
There are different ways to find Ginseng. There are in liquid form, capsules and tea. We can recommend our their infusions, since they are more visible, economical and easy to take. You can take up to two a day, morning and afternoon.


Marshmallow, altea, bismalva or canamera herb (Althaea officinalis) is a therapeutic plant of Eurasian origin, which has been cultivated since ancient times for its medicinal properties. He has multiple powers: is anti-inflammatory, healing, care for our digestive system and above all, thanks to one of its components called "Hill", facilitates the imposed nervous favoring the memory and concentration.
You can also find Marshmallow on in the health food shops. Is use especially its root, so you can prepare an infusion with a bag which you will find already in the shops. Intended to take in the morning and in the evening. Point out to you that it is not indicated in the event that you suffer diabetes.

Medicinal herbs that improve concentration


It may not sound you too the name of this medicinal plant. It's a well-known remedy not only to enhance concentration, but also to provide us various nutrients such as various vitamins, flavonoids, potassium, iron, calcium, chlorogenic acid, copper and chrome... all this will allow us to also detoxify your body, relax and improve concentration.
You can find this medicinal plant also in your usual health food shops. As data to take into account it should be noted that if you want to avail of your digestive and detoxifying properties, it is always more indicated out an infusion only its root. You do not have more than bring to a boil the amount just to one teaspoon, and take it on breakfast and after your main meal of the day. But if what we want is to strengthen our concentration and improve memory, then, we will be infused with their leaves. Pick up some four leaves, boil a cup of water with them, allow to sit 5 minutes and then drink it slowly. You can drink up to three cups per day.
As a final, point out to you that whenever you take these infusions, spend half an hour of rest. Drink them slowly while you relax. If you're consistent with them, with these natural teas, at the end of the time you will notice improvements. Don't try it.
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