Thursday, July 16, 2015

Remedy with gelatin to your ligaments

How to gelatin taking our children with those sexy colors, can take care of our ligaments? So, and their consumption rises as one remedy more effective for young and older people, for anyone wanting to take care of their health and improve the symptoms of diseases bone, such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. explain you!

Remedy with gelatin to your ligaments

1- The power of gelatin to prevent injury and take care of your ligaments:

But what contained inside the gelatin to be so beneficial? Maybe you surprised, but gelatine is obtained from the hydrolysis of the collagen of the skin and bones of animals and fish. It is also very rich in protein, has 10 essential amino acids, which include the PROLINE and hydroxyproline, components of the colegeno, that help form and regenerate muscle tissue, hence that is essential to take care of both our muscles and joints, and how non-ligaments.
Your ideal contribution of collagen hydrolysate, makes possible to heal and regenerate our ligaments in case of an injury, or any problems that generate us pain and lack of mobility. And yet, thanks to elements such as arginine, amino acid precursor of creatine and other amino acids such as L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine, managed to activate cartilage collagen synthesis.
It is true that all these technical names sound a bit strange to us, but everything that comes to us to demonstrate that all studies on the subject on gelatine, and its benefits for people who have a problem, both athletes is more than cash. Why not include it as regular in your diet? In fact, a European study told us that regular consumption of gelatine helps to reduce joint pain. and muscle, as well as reduce inflammations and even bruising, what more can we ask? Contains no fat and protects us from cholesterol, and remember, it is a tasty and economical food.

2- How to prepare gelatin with papaya:

Gelatin with papaya, a wonderful remedy for caring for and restoring our ligaments. But why what papaya? you might wonder. Well, this exceptional tropical fruit has an ideal contribution of vitamin C, papain, and proteolytic enzymes. What makes in general is lower inflammation, relieving any pain in addition to, and here comes the important fact, digest the proteins of damaged tissues and thus stimulate the synthesis and new tissue repair. Super, really?
This fruit, as well as digestive helps us get swelling, reduce pain, bruises... a unique resource which will enhance its action if we also combine it with jelly. Ideal if you take one serving daily. Would you like to have the recipe?

How to prepare a gelatin with papaya:

Remedy with gelatin to your ligaments

1. We will need the following ingredients:

A papaya cut into small pieces
2 envelopes gelatin powder.
3 egg whites
Half a cup of hot water
Half cup milk (or milk also vegetable, which is of your liking)

2. How prepare you?

It is very easy. We'll cut the papaya into small pieces, remembering to remove the seeds. Then, with a spoon will make a puree (if you prefer you can use the Blender).
Now we will already begin to beat the egg whites until they arrive on the verge of snow, to then introduce the papaya puree. Try everything is well homogeneous.
What is the next step? In fact, we are going to dissolve gelatin in hot water and add to the mashed together with milk. Mix everything and let it fall into the mold that is our taste. Then leave it in the refrigerator until set. We assure you that you'll this gelatin with papaya, and that, if every day, take the health of your joints, muscles and ligaments will improve. To you expect?
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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