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How to lose weight with papaya

It has always said that papaya is the fruit of good health. Pleasant sweet taste and attractive color, in its wonderful flesh hides a component called papain, capable of providing us great therapeutic benefits to our body. And not only that. It is a good ally to lose weight. Do you want to know how?
The papaya is a tropical fruit that is known throughout the world. Is therefore very easy to find to be able to benefit from it. A great antioxidant and diuretic has a high content in vegetable fibers, very few calories. is It has also a good supply of vitamins A, C and B, calcium, iron and phosphorus. And, if that weren't enough, papaya helps us to lose weight and fight cellulite. You will learn how to get it.

How to lose weight with papaya

1- Benefits of papaya for weight loss:

Sometimes us is difficult to choose what type of diet to lose weight. It is important that we pore off by those that do not permit we only lose weight, but also take care of our health. Any doubts we can always consult with our physician or nutritionist. The diet of the papaya is a restrictive diet. This means that for two days we will take a very careful diet that will end on the third day. The papaya will thus allow two things: detoxify our body and burn fat.
It should be noted also that papaya is very suitable for all those who suffer from digestive as diarrhea, gas, constipation, gastritis problems... as well as skin problems and even acne, due to its healing properties. A whole wonder, no doubt, and is that, according to the Control and prevention of diseases (CDC), thanks to papain we were able to benefit from all these therapeutic principles.

2- How to lose weight with papaya:

We will carry the diet out two days a week. Ideally, should be done for two or three months, in addition to weight loss, will succeed detoxify our body, and take care of all of our digestive system. It is worth trying it for 48 hours, following the guidelines to reflect.

How to lose weight with papaya


We will always seek fresh and not very ripe papayas. We'll start the diet already at breakfast. Ideally these two days is to take either a glass of soy or oat, with two teaspoons of wheat or other cereal germ. In this way we will have a proper supply of fiber. We will then take a papaya salad. It is medium-sized, peel it and cut it into small squares. It is a healthy and nutritious start to the day mode


For lunch we will prepare a salad of brown rice. You can cook it with vegetable stock, for later, accompany it with a tomato pieces, a few spinach, some olives, a clove of garlic and the juice of half a lemon. After this brown rice, we will take a papaya juice.
On our second day of diet, for lunch we can prepare an eggplant in the oven, and a small salad of spinach, seasoned with olive oil and a few bits of beet. Then, we will take the papaya juice.


Picnic, we can prepare the juice of half papaya with two slices of pineapple. We clean them well and brought them to the mixer for good homogeneous mixture.


For dinner we will prepare us a cup of prepared vegetable stock. For this purpose we can use onion, celery, lemon juice. For dessert, how not, will we prepare us a papaya into small pieces.
On our second day of diet we can prepare a couple of artichokes. We cook them well and dress them with a little vinegar and salt. We can accompany it with a slice of whole wheat bread with a little olive oil. To finish dinner, serve us with a papaya into small pieces.

How to lose weight with papaya

3- The benefits of papaya seeds to lose weight:

I may surprise you, but the papaya seeds have amazing health properties:

Caring for our kidneys in renal failure.
It eliminates toxins and possible parasites in the intestines.
It protects our liver, especially if we suffer from cirrhosis.
Takes care of the digestive system: papaya seeds have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
In addition, papaya seeds have the power to prevent the body to absorb fats, or do it in excess. I.e., it acts in regulator. Then how benefit me for them? How can I eat papaya seeds? It is easy, there are several options. There are those who choose to grind them or who prefer to consume them as if they were compressed. The ideal is that at breakfast we take between 8 or 10 seeds, you can chop them to make it easier to take them. If you combine them with a glass of grapefruit for breakfast, the combination is even better.
So, remember: the papaya diet can follow it two days a week, for two or three months. Consume breakfast papaya seeds can do it for fifteen consecutive days and then relax other fifteen. It will be easier.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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