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Delicious breakfasts to lose weight without starving

The saying we have to breakfast as Kings, eaten like Princes and dinner as beggars, and however, breakfast tends to be the more people jumping or food which is not given due weight.
In this article you will learn how to prepare three breakfasts, all of them very healthy and complete which, although they are very nutritious, also help us to lose weight due to its content in fiber. What is your favorite?

Delicious breakfasts to lose weight without starving

1- A green Smoothie:

The healthier and more effective way to lose weight not is skipping meals or reducing the calories or the amount, but by choosing nutritious, rich in fiber and satiety. So we present this breakfast for people who want to lose weight without starving throughout the morning: a green smoothie.
Although you can surprise us with its name, its flavor is delicious and if we are not hungry when you get us also us so we can take and go take him throughout the morning. To prepare you will need, that Yes, a blender.


Leaves of spinach or Canon tender and fresh.
Half avocado.
Medium well ripe plantain.
A glass of vegetable drink (rice or oat preferably) or unsweetened Apple juice.
A teaspoon of flax seed.
Zest of lemon peel.
Siropre of agave, honey or purified stevia extract.
We will beat well the ingredients until creamy texture. If we want to make it more liquid add you slightly more than drink. We can go changing the ingredients according to season and our tastes, by adding or changing nuts, seeds, drinks or fruit.

Delicious breakfasts to lose weight without starving

2- Budwig cream:

In this case we need a very full breakfast and that you give us energy for all morning, so we will resort to the famous Budwig cream, a recipe created by the Dr. Kousmine that gives us everything the body needs in the morning.


4 tablespoons of white cheese cottage cheese or half yogurt
2 tablespoons of flax seed oil
Lemon juice
2 teaspoons of dried fruit or raw seeds and ground (Sesame, sunflower, pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, etc.)
A teaspoon of honey or cane sugar
1 tablespoon of pollen
3 tablespoons raisins or 2 dried figs
3 prunes
2 teaspoons oats raw and ground either soaked overnight.

How do we prepare it?

We beat the cheese or yogurt with oil, add lemon juice and remaining ingredients. We can also add some fresh fruit and accompany it with a digestive infusion.
If not too well we digest dairy products can replace them with three tablespoons of cream of nuts (almond, hazelnut, etc.) without sugar, which can be found in dietary.

Delicious breakfasts to lose weight without starving

3- For Sunday breakfast: buckwheat pancakes

All make exceptions and give us some whim we like, but if it is healthy we enjoy it twice. We propose to prepare crepes but with buckwheat or buckwheat flour, which is widely used in France and that is high in fiber and it is more digestive, and also so the recipe is suitable for coeliacs, since it does not contain gluten.
This cereal helps fight obesity, depression, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Ingredients (for 8-12 crepes):

1 glass and a half of flour of buckwheat
A tablespoon of sea salt
1 cup of cold water (200 ml.)
1 egg
Olive oil


Mix water and salt.
Add the flour little by little and we are mixing until dough is smooth.
Add the egg and beat the mixture well.
We let rest the dough in the refrigerator 1-2 hours, and it is ready to be cooked.
We cook them in the pan with a little oil, on both sides, in the same way as normal pancakes.
So it is still a healthy breakfast we recommend dispense with creams, creams and sugars and choose one of these options:

Delicious breakfasts to lose weight without starving

Sweet pancakes:

Pure bitter cocoa, honey and yogurt
Applesauce, raisins and nuts
Jam light orange, zest of Orange and cinnamon powder

Salty crêpes:

Egg, lettuce and mayonnaise
Guacamole and fresh cheese
Arugula and smoked or marinated salmon
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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