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Treat acne when its origin is hormonal

Acne affects many adolescents, but this is not the only stage of life in which we can suffer it. There are severe acne which oblige the person to treat them with strong medication which, unfortunately, has side effects, especially for our liver and our skin in general.
In this article you will learn how we must treat naturally acne when the origin is a hormonal disorder, i.e., that is not due to a bad power supply or other issues.

Treat acne when its origin is hormonal

1- How do I know if the origin is hormonal?

The first step to find the cause of acne is care food and avoid harmful fats in our diet, found in the following foods:

Red meat
Fatty cheeses
Industrial bakery
Refined oils
Fried and pre-cooked food
Junk food
If we have avoided these foods and acne still it has not improved, it is possible that we are suffering a hormonal disorder by any of the following reasons:

Stage of puberty and adolescence
With irregularities, too plentiful or scarce, painful menstruation, etc.
Also we must rule out other reasons (infectious, digestive, or psychological) prior to treatment, even if it is natural.

2- Irregular menstruation:

If we are women with some kind of irregularity in our cycles, treatment must be based on a very beneficial for these cases medicinal plant: the Chasteberry or vitex agnus-castus.
This treatment will be long, since it is effective if we are patient and persevering. It is preferable to be gradual and long-lasting but without side effects. In this way we will try not only acne, but internal derangement.
We will get the Chasteberry tablets, capsules, or tincture, and take the dose indicated for at least three months.

Treat acne when its origin is hormonal

3- Juvenile acne with homeopathy:

Although it has no immediate effect, homeopathy is an excellent, non-toxic option that also addresses the emotional part. A homeopath can help determine the proper remedy, but we emphasize the most important:
Sulfur Iodatum: for thin, irritable and impatient youth who do not tolerate heat well.
Kalium bromatum: anxious youth, with a tendency to become depressed and insomnia.
Selenium metalicum: for young people with Seborrhea, greasy hair with a tendency to fall and pimples on the forehead.

4- During menopause:

The menopause is a key moment in which the body can suffer some disorders, such as for example the occurrence or recurrence of acne. In this case the appropriate remedy will be maca, a tuber that helps to regulate hormones, prevent hot flashes and beautify our skin.
We must bear in mind that it also gives lots of energy, so some people might be nervous if they exceed the amount.
We will begin taking the tip of a small spoon in fasting, mixed with water or juice. We will gradually increase until you reach a level teaspoon, if not too much nervousness we feel before.
Continue this treatment for at least two months.

Treat acne when its origin is hormonal

5- Additional supplements:

There are some natural supplements that will help us strengthen and complement this treatment:
Brewer's yeast: this excellent supplement is a regulator of the nervous system but also acts to debugging our skin. Take 2 grams three times a day, powder mixed with water or juice or tablets.
Bromelain: this nutrient from pineapple helps to reduce the inflammation of the skin. We will also take in capsule or Tablet
Wheat germ: it also acts directly on the skin. It is a very important source of vitamin e. will take one teaspoon daily, preferably in the morning.
Natural skin lotions
There is a very simple way of cleaning, disinfecting, and swelling of the skin, which consists of directly applying seawater. That is why many people notice improvement in times of heat, when they bathe often at the beach. But if it is winter or live in inland area we can also get seawater (herbal, dietary) and apply it daily on our skin.
We can also prepare a simple cleansing lotion to marinate a cup of fresh rosemary, a cup of alcohol and half a cup of water. Leave it mixed in a tightly closed glass jar for a week. Past that time greet and clean our skin every night.
We can also add a few drops of the following essential oils:
Palmarosa: anti-inflammatory
Chamomile: anti-inflammatory
Tea tree: disinfectant
Before you start any treatment, although it is of natural origin, we must consult our physician or therapist, because some of them may be incompatible with any medication you take or some other health problem that we present.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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