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How to debug your colon with Aloe Vera

It is often said that having a clean colon and detoxified, is the first step toward health in general. It is there where are stored a large amount of waste, parasites and yeast capable of getting sick, it is thus essential that we learn to release of such waste to begin to feel better. What if we do it with Aloe Vera?

How to debug your colon with Aloe Vera

1- Why we debug our colon regularly?

In the colon, are many pests that, at the least expected moment, can make you sick to your body. Don't panic, but it is here where can collect fecal material, toxins, dead cell material, worms, and even pesticides... all elements that harm and impair our immune system.
Occasionally we catch infections, intestine becomes inflamed us, we feel tired, bloated, with muscle aches... cost the doctors give a diagnosis. And it is that many of these realities are based a sick colon. As simple as that.
It will cost a few days getting our colon is completely clean, it is possible that we may need a week at most. But it is imperative that we change our eating habits during that time, to purify the body. Consumes fruits, fresh vegetables, you don't neglect fluids, rather exercise (but not strenuous), something soft.
You have to take into account also that the same colon cleanse is not equal for all people. You should choose those products that you believe that they sit well, so in general, it is crucial that for one week at least, avoid dairy products, acidic foods, excess protein, sweets, prepared meals and refined flours.
Essential that you eat organic fruits and vegetables. Cabbage, for example, is very good since it contains glutamine and accelerates the regeneration of the digestive cells. And remember, water, drink at least eight glasses throughout the day. An easy and simple remedy is to serve us from Aloe Vera. We explain why it can be good for your colon.

How to debug your colon with Aloe Vera

2- Why is aloe vera good for purify our colon?

Aloe vera is ideal for removing the toxic fecal buildup in the colon stored there for a long time.
It allows us to reconstruct the cells in the colon while cleaning.
It removes the excess of negative like yeast and bacteria flora.
It will help us to better absorb nutrients from food.
It helps us to avoid digestive problems including constipation
Prevents viral infections, there are vitamins such as vitamin A, various types of vitamin B, C and E and incredible minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc.
Aloe Vera is also great for improving immunity, metabolism, blood oxygenation. It helps us to produce antibodies. A wonderful natural resource.
It also has excellent healing amino acids that regulates many functions of our stomach and the intestine.
Remember also the virtues of aloe to regulate your blood pressure. For example, if you suffer from blood pressure low or high, aloe vera regulates the level of sugar in blood, take care of your hair and how not, helps to lose weight. How to resist?

How to debug your colon with Aloe Vera

3- How to prepare Aloe Vera to debug the colon:

You already know all the virtues of aloe to care for and detoxify your colon. Now let's see how prepare you and how we have to take it:

1. What do I need?

A sprig of aloe vera
A liter of water
The juice of one lemon
A glass bottle

2. How do I do it?

It is very easy. Our recipe based on aloe vera will be combined with lemon, which as you know, is also a great cleaner for our organism, provides us with vitamin C and is a good digestive.
The first thing we will do is clean that leaf of aloe vera. We will only use a little, the equivalent of about two tablespoons. To do this, cut a piece, removes the skin carefully and put this translucent gel into a small saucepan.
Now add the juice of one lemon and a glass of water. We will remove well so that all the components are properly mixed. Once ready, he retired from the fire and let stand.
They have after 10 minutes, add this juice to a glass bottle, adding in addition three glasses of water. Very easy! If the taste is somewhat bitter, a little honey includes until you will be pleasant.

3. How should I take this remedy based on Aloe Vera?

You'll have a liter of water with lemon juice and a bit of aloe to drink throughout the day. They are four vessels. Thus, begins with one glass just stand up in fasting and not eat anything until an hour later.
Then, take a glass after your main meals.
Remember to supplement this diet with one liter of mineral water, fresh fruit and organic vegetables. And fiber, high fiber.
We'll do it for a week. But rather than include lemon juice every day, you can rock with orange juice, a smoothie papaya or pineapple. You sit beautifully. Sweeten with honey and you'll see how to enjoy your health, so thank you.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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