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8 Foods that are bad for your skin

We know that food is directly related to our health, and the State of our skin does not save it. You have a beautiful, radiant and hydrated, skin requires many special care in where food plays a very important role, since it works internally on the overall health of our skin, with this in mind, we know that there are many foods that can be of great benefit to our skin, but likewise, there are other foods that may have a negative impact in this regard. You know the foods that can affect the health of your skin?

8 Foods that are bad for your skin

1- Packaged and processed foods:

This type of food are not recommended for any kind of diet, since in addition to providing very few nutrients, they are characterized by high levels of saturated fats and sugars. With this in mind, who include packaged and processed in your diet, foods have nutritional deficiency and this will be reflected in the health of your skin. The food of this kind can generate dehydration in skin and favour the appearance of wrinkles.

2- Non-organic products:

Non-organic products are characterized by traces of hormones, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and waxes, which come from a process of alteration to offer a product with certain characteristics, but less healthy for our bodies. Although there is no specific study determined that these foods are bad for the skin,different studies have shown that some non-organic foods contain hormones and pesticides which disrupt the motor skills and are related to the development of certain diseases. But in addition to this, there is also evidence that organic foods have more vitamins and minerals than non-organic foods.

3- Meats:

Today, many of the animals that are preparing to sell as meat, are subject to the use of certain chemicals and hormones that accelerate their growth by making a minimal effort. However the use of these compounds, can affect directly to the consumer, since meat is affected with the chemicals and hormones applied to the animal. As a result they can create hormonal imbalances in our bodies, favouring the appearance of acne and skin inflammations. Ideally, opt for meat from animals produced on organic farms.

8 Foods that are bad for your skin

4- Seafood:

It is recommended to reduce the intake of seafood, since it has been determined that its excesses can favour the appearance of acne. This is because that shellfish, such as shrimp and lobster, are rich in iodine and this compound affects the skin, putting it at risk of acne.

5- Sugar:

This product, and more even if it is refined sugar, can affect our body internally and promote the development of diseases such as diabetes and obesity. But in addition to this, its excessive consumption weakens the skin, reduces the production of collagen and this accelerates the aging process of the skin.

6- Salt:

Excessive salt intake also affects our body and in the case of the skin, makes it lose elasticity. Internally, the salt promotes water retention and causing inflammation. As a result the skin cells are more prone to damage and it is there where looks less elastic.

7- Dairy products:

While dairy products to be applied externally on the skin is something that softens and makes it look more beautiful, its consumption is not the most recommended for the care of the skin. This food is affected by growth hormones that apply to cows in large industries, as a result, this stimulates the production of sebaceous glands, and they make the person more prone to suffer from acne.

8 Foods that are bad for your skin

8- Fried foods:

It is a secret for no one that fried foods are less recommended for health, since they tend to be high in saturated fats and sodium. These two compounds affect the body, causing the increase of bad LDL cholesterol, cardiovascular problems and affect the rate of metabolism. But, in addition, has also been found that these foods affect blood circulation, preventing oxygen from making correctly the skin cells, so it can accelerate the aging process, the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.
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