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6 tips to revitalize your kidneys

And you, how take care of the health of your kidneys? Sometimes we neglect them a little, still something wrong habits of life, and when we least expect it, there is a problem. Can we avoid it? Of course, that want to give you some simple tips to revitalize them, to take care of them.

6 tips to revitalize your kidneys

1- The health of our kidneys:

Stopping to think a moment about the amount of water that you drink a day. It also asks if you think that you eat fruit and vegetables better to take care of your kidneys. We know, sometimes we neglect and hardly realize. We fall into a rhythm of life where we strive much haste, eating almost the first thing we see without worrying whether it is healthy or not.
Keep in mind that a problem that we have many people is that, to suffer periods of stress or anxiety, we seek primarily to satisfy us with the so-called food garbage, you know, burgers, pizzas, snacks... that give us a sense of peacefulness very misleading, because much long-term harm our kidneys. Same thing happens with salt.
Many of our dishes accompany them with a touch so damaging. Remember also that, even if it seems surprising, many sweets or pastries industry also have salt. All this to say, that many times we it overlooked aspects as simple as these sick everyday your kidneys in inevitable way. You must be aware of this. It appears suddenly, a day in which we can feel the following symptoms:

Burning when urinating.
Anxious to go to the bathroom, also discovered that the urine is darker.
Kidney stones.
Pain in in the lower part of the back.
Begin to swell, to that feel us wrong food, to which our blood pressure rises as a consequence of kidney failure.

2- Tips to revitalize our kidneys:

What is revitalizing our kidneys? This idea stands in order to optimize the functioning of the kidneys. Make life easier, strengthen them, take care that its functionality is not reduced, that filter and debug in the best possible way. Let's see how to get it.

6 tips to revitalize your kidneys

1. Tablespoon of baking soda per day:

Take a tablespoon of baking soda is a great therapy to take care of our kidneys. The secret of their benefit lies in the fact that manages to purify kidneys very properly, avoiding the occurrence of kidney stones. In addition, optimize its functionality every day. The fact that allows us to balance our body and its alkalinity, acidity makes this rather basic remedy to take for example after your dinner. One teaspoon dissolved in water and presto!

2. Two liters of water from weak mineralization:

You know that there are many types of water on the market. The most suitable to care for and revitalize our kidneys is without a doubt which has less mineralization. There are springs that are very rich in calcium, Silicon, in other minerals that can be useful to us at any given time. But, for people with high blood pressure and also to babies, kidney problems, are usually great waters of this type, the most weak and soft.
They allow us to eliminate toxins better, are healthier and diuretic.

3. The benefits of watermelon:

Doctors considered the watermelon as a real healing fruit and best allies for the kidney. For what reason? Basically by its high content in water, it is very suitable to clean the blood and our kidneys. You can take it natural or in its own juices, but that is cool. If it is very ripe we lose also some of its properties.

4. Remedy to revitalize your kidneys:

This is another simple and effective remedy to take care of your kidneys and your liver. The only thing you have to do is Cook an artichoke. Water you get when this is squishy, is that we are going to take throughout the day mixed with the juice of half a lemon. Artichoke can take it part, but this water is wonderful for optimize your basic functions.

5. Morning juice, pineapple and grape:

If you get a chance in your markets of fresh pineapples, do not hesitate. Its high content of fibre and vitamins make them a very successful way of revitalizing the kidneys, since they strengthen them and also provide us with a great diuretic effect which favour that urinate more and we purge. Combined with the grapes, we will get a very powerful tonic for the day. But remember, always fresh, they have more vitamins!

6 tips to revitalize your kidneys

6. Infusion of dandelion:

The dandelion is considered as the best medicinal plant to revitalize the health of our kidneys. It would be appropriate that we should take a cup every evening. You must take into account that, say us experts in the field of phytotherapy, is dandelion root which has properties for our health in general: it is good for our digestions, to inflammations, for debugging, and encourage appropriate our kidneys filtering and urine production. It is worth to keep that in mind.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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