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Homemade creams to fade skin spots

Our skin always will be exposed to the harmful things that surround us daily, so-called external aggressions, these over time help with the appearance of dryness imperfections, wrinkles and, above all, stains; these stains also appear due to age, especially in women over the age of 55, but stains are also caused by acne and other skin problems.
As always, the idea is to try to avoid things that contain chemicals or failing that contains less chemicals to make the skin much healthier; so today we will offer them a series of homemade recipes that mainly help us eliminate our skin spots.

1- Homemade recipes:

Homemade creams to fade skin spots

Milk powder and peroxide:

You must only put in a container a couple of tablespoons of powdered milk, then add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, some of glycerine and a little bit of lemon juice. When you have formed a kind of cream, apply it at night and in the morning you shall wash with your usual SOAP.

Aloe vera:

Short a few stalks of this plant form in that open them as a bread to extract all their pulp, then mixed with a little water should do is missing. Apply the stain on your skin and leave to act for 15 or 10 minutes before you rinse with cold water.

Lemon and oatmeal:

We will need a tablespoon of lemon juice, a cup of oatmeal and a tomato; blend everything, should be a kind of paste or well heavy cream. Apply it on your face, leave it for 15 minutes and then remove it with the help of some wet cotton or wet towel. It is recommended to apply it at night.


Yogurt not only works, but is the most recommended, also serves the half-and-half or cream as spots faders (derived from milk). You should apply it on the spot or all over your face every night for two weeks.


The infusion of Chamomile can help to clarify the skin, if you use it as a toner or astringent. Soak a cotton ball with the cold infusion and then rub it on your face.

Homemade creams to fade skin spots

Papaya, carrot and honey:

The papaya is a perfect fruit to soften the skin and provide a more adequate and uniform tone. Get a papaya puree and add a grated well cooked carrot, then add a tablespoon of honey. Remove mixture and apply the resulting cream for 30 minutes on your skin.

Chamomile and honey:

Prepare an infusion of Chamomile as we named it earlier, then add honey; now only you should apply in the area of your skin to clear up your skin, remove it after 15 minutes approximately.


You must be careful with the lemon, since it turns the skin very sensitive to light, so if we chose the lemon as an option try to do it at night. Apply a few drops of lemon to a cotton ball and then apply it on the stain.

Oxygenated water:

Dip a cotton ball or a cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide, then you you a few mild Pat on the spot you want to disappear; You must be very consistent to see the results.


Take parsley and crush it, the juice that you remove you soaked it a cotton and apply it to the stain and subtraction only wait for the results.

Homemade creams to fade skin spots


You'll need a carrot, medium cucumber and a sprig of parsley; Cut into chunks and shred them in the extractor to obtain a homogeneous paste, if you want to add drops of olive oil.
Keeps the pasta or smooth cream in a jar with a lid in the refrigerator, apply it for 15 minutes; then rinse with fresh water. Does this same 3 times a week.

Lactic acid:

Lactic acid helps to lighten dark spots on the skin, it does not irritate it. Sour milk and some milk serum contain lactic acid. Take a cotton ball, soak it and apply it on the stained skin.

2- Keep in mind:

There are many spots on our skin that are too strong and even natural creams that we have recommended here can help you, it is best to use a dermatologist or your doctor.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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