Thursday, June 25, 2015

5 Smoothies to treat constipation

There are many natural remedies to treat constipation, but a more easy and enjoyable way to do it is to select foods that promote intestinal transit and take them every day.
In this article we suggest you some shakes that you can take throughout the day and that will help you to improve your bowel function, among other benefits.

5 Smoothies to treat constipation

1- Better than juice smoothies:

Although natural smoothies and juices are very healthy and give us a lot of vitamins and minerals, if what we want is to treat constipation we better opt for smoothies, since these include the fiber from fruits, which is wasted in the case of juices.
Precisely for this reason Smoothies are also much more satiety, so we can take them for breakfast or snacking, which is also a delicious and healthy way to prevent abuse of sugar and refined flour.

2- Honey to sweeten:

If we want to sweeten a little cultural these shakes of white sugar, which is a poison for our health, and elect a very natural sweetener and in addition also has laxative properties: acacia honey. If we do not find it, you can choose any honey, either a natural molasses of fruit (Apple, pear) or cereals.

3- Kefir and prunes:

Kefir is a type of fermented yogurt that has all the benefits of yogurt and some advantages, as that is more easily digested because it contains less lactose and that improves our intestinal flora is a fermented food. The kefir you can buy already prepared either do it ourselves with the fungus and milk.
Prunes, as well as being rich in calcium and an excellent food to prevent osteoporosis, have a lot of fiber and are known since ancient times as one of the best foods against constipation. We put plums, if possible, soak the night before.

5 Smoothies to treat constipation

4- Oats and dates:

Unlike the drink of rice, which can be a little constipated to those who have a tendency, oats drink is rich in mucilage, a type of fiber that enhances the evacuation. We can use oat drink either a spoonful of oatmeal that we put in a couple of hours in hot water soak to this milkshake.
Dates, like most dried fruits, contain a large amount of fiber and in this case also will bring us much vitality, so it is a perfect Smoothie for the morning.
The Oatmeal will give you a very creamy texture and dates bring you sweetness.

5- Apple and kiwi:

Apple has been used both for cases of constipation and diarrhea. The secret lies in its peeling, which contains most of the fiber. However, pesticide-free organic apples we get to consume it with its peeling.
We can use the raw Apple either cook a little, which will give you still more flavor.
On the other hand, the kiwi is another fruits traditionally taken in fasting for its laxative benefits.

6- Yogurt and figs:

Yogurt is an alternative if you can find or produce kefir, while it does not contain many enzymes. We will try, that Yes, be as natural as possible and that it does not contain sugars, sweeteners, dyes or artificial flavors.
Figs, whether they are fresh as if they are dry, are rich in fiber and also provide natural sweetness to this delicious milkshake.

5 Smoothies to treat constipation

7- Hazelnuts and flax seeds:

Finally emphasize the dried fruit and seeds which contain more fiber and that, therefore, will be able to beat our taste along with a vegetable drink.
Hazelnuts, in addition, also regulate blood sugar levels.
We find in some dietary milk hazelnuts, which has an excellent taste and combines very well with a bit of cocoa.
Furthermore, we will leave flax seeds soaked overnight order to absorb the mucilage. Also we will incorporate above water to the batter.
The mixing ratio will be a handful of hazelnuts and a teaspoon of flax seed.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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