Monday, June 29, 2015

Eggplant and lemon water for weight loss

Many call it the "miracle water". A really simple recipe that helps us not only losing a few kilos, but get a little energy in our day to day. We all know the great benefits for the health of the eggplant, but did know that combined with the lemon we can empower them even more? We explain it!

Eggplant and lemon water for weight loss

1- Why is Eggplant good for weight loss? What benefits do you have?

Many, no doubt. Eat eggplant in frequent way is going to get not only that we are in control of our weight and our line, but that we are also getting plenty of nutrients, minerals, fiber and vitamins well suited. See it:
Help us to improve our circulation, especially for its high content in vitamin E, a great antioxidant as it is anthocyanin, which prevents many cardiac diseases and promotes blood circulation. Excellent, no doubt.
The Eggplant is a great diuretic.
The Eggplant has very few calories, is very rich in water, hence it is always an essential piece in every diet.
It has a high content of potassium and some sodium, excellent for our nervous and cardiovascular system
Remember, the Eggplant helps us to purify the body, lowering sugar levels in the blood, hence it is a vegetable so suitable for diabetics.
Us helps to lower cholesterol, since it absorbs fat from foods that are eaten with it, elimination also toxins from the organism and regulating intestinal transit. Wonderful, no doubt.
Eggplant has a high content of fiber that prevents constipation.
Another fact to consider is that it stimulates bile and protects our liver.
The Eggplant is rich in magnesium and iron, which is more than perfect to prevent anemia, increase and improve the defenses as well as cardiac and muscular performance.

2- How to consume Eggplant with lemon for weight loss?

The easiest way to go little by little slimming thanks to Eggplant and lemon will be using its water. It is very easy to prepare, you do not have rather than take note and decide to do it:

1. What do I need?

A medium-sized eggplant. If it is organic farming much better, we know that it is more natural and you have fewer pesticides.
A lemon of medium size, not too ripe.
A liter of water.
A large glass pitcher.

2. How do I prepare it?

The first thing we will do is clean the eggplant. To this end, we wash it with a bit of Apple Cider vinegar and a little bit of baking soda. In this way all kinds of toxic and possible remains of pesticides of Eggplant are eliminated. Finally we drain it with water.
Now cut the Eggplant slices. More or less than a centimeter and a half thick (including skin).
Excellent, the next step will be introducing it within the glass jug, placing one sheet inside another, then, let fall the liter of water.
Now we get the lemon juice. Ready once we add it to our pitcher. So remove everything with a long spoon and we took him to the refrigerator.
This preparation will have to spend a night in the fridge, thus Eggplant will be taking its juice with all its properties. These will also be much more enhanced thanks to the lemon, who also provide you a more pleasant taste.

Eggplant and lemon water for weight loss

3. What should I use Eggplant and lemon water for weight loss?

This water of lemon and eggplant it will be taking throughout the day. We will give you a day of diet simple example to give you a simple idea:
Breakfast: A glass of water from Eggplant with lemon. a cup with oats and an Apple.
Lunch: A cup of water from Eggplant and lemon before eating. A salad with spinach, nuts, low-fat, with chunks of pineapple. A breast of chicken baked with a splash of lemon.
Average late: a glass of water from Eggplant with lemon.
Dinner: a glass of water from eggplants before dinner. Some artichokes boiled with a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar. A salad of lettuce, chopped lettuce, cherry tomatoes, papaya, walnuts with olive oil and a splash of lemon juice.
As you can see with this simple example, we have drunk us the liter of water from Eggplant and lemon juice. If we take it before meals it will act not only as satiating effect, but that before reaching our stomach will help us to better Digest fats, to eliminate them, will allow us to make a better digestion and go purifies the organism.
Don't forget either that miracle diets there if not we accompany them with will and some effort. Hence you advise also to get some exercise, just one hour per day, whether you are out walking, cycling, or doing simple exercises at home. It's worth the time.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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