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Scientific study discovers why honey is the best natural antibiotic

On many occasions we have spoken of how beneficial that is honey for our health and we have even shared some recipes that allow us to take advantage of its properties for beauty. However, today we return to the topic with a more recent study, which scientists have shown that honey is the best natural antibiotic even more efficient than some conventional antibiotics used in the treatment of infections.

Scientific study discovers why honey is the best natural antibiotic

1- Why it is said that honey is the best natural antibiotic?

It turns out that honey contains 13 (BAL) lactic acid bacteria, which are those that produce the antimicrobial that is required depending on the type of bacteria to combat. This was revealed in Tobias Olofsson, Professor at Lund University and author of the study published in the International Wound journal.
To conclude this, researchers treated 42 pathogens of wounds on 22 patients with the 13 BAL of honey. As a result, they found that effects were comparable to those who produce conventional antibiotics.
The research was reinforced by using honey as a treatment to heal the wounds of horses that failed to heal, obtaining positive results.
However, the Professor Olofsson, warns that to achieve these effects and benefits of honey, this must be fresh and completely pure. In this sense, warns the honeys that are sold in supermarkets do not contain live lactic acid bacteria, so many of its benefits are not present in them.
In any case, the researchers believe that this finding is very important to medicine, because in the future it could be an alternative treatment to conventional antibiotics which, as we know, tend to have side effects in patients.

Scientific study discovers why honey is the best natural antibiotic

2- What other properties contain honey?

In addition to the 13 (BAL) lactic acid bacteria, honey is a food loaded with probiotics and antioxidants. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, B3, B5, and vitamin C, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, iodine, and zinc. Taking into account its benefits, honey has been used as an antibiotic for:

Combating organisms harmful salmonella and the e. coli. In addition, it also contributes to an improved digestion of food.
It is recommended to strengthen the immune system and fight infections in the Airways, as well as flus and colds.
Since ancient times it has been used to treat wounds, prevent infections and improve the healing process.
Honey is used for the care of the skin, since it avoids possible infections and removes those bacteria that can affect our beauty.

3- Other important facts about honey:

The consumption of honey is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes, since in a short time you can provide a large amount of sugars that can affect the patient. For this reason, we recommend its consumption in moderation.
Honey should not be given in children less than a year, since their intestine has no capacity to process it.
Those people who are allergic to pollen may also be allergic to honey.
100 milliliters of honey provide us 325 calories. Because of this, it is recommended to consume specially in the morning or whether to do some kind of physical activity.

Scientific study discovers why honey is the best natural antibiotic

4- How to use honey for therapeutic purposes?

In cases of injury or burns should apply directly to the affected area and cover preferably. You must change at least 3 times in the day.
Nursing mothers may apply a little honey on her nipples to prevent and relieve discomfort that can be caused by infections.
In case of skin irritation, you can use as a basis for a massage.
To disinfect our body internally, mix one or two tablespoons of honey in a glass of warm water with lemon juice.
To prevent stomach burning ideally mix a tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of vinegar apple cider and a glass of water.
To combat respiratory infections, throat problems, colds or colds, the ideal is to mix honey with lemon or orange juice. Almost always prepares a hot drink and consumed at night before going to sleep.
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