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How to identify and combat the addiction to caffeine

Caffeine is a chemical that stimulates the central nervous system and its casual use can cause physical dependence. Despite this, we do not consider it really a drug. In its purest form it is really unimportant, but to mix it with other ingredients it is when it becomes addictive. The human body takes 45 minutes absorb caffeine and three hours to remove it. On the other hand, stop consuming it can be much more complicated.

How to identify and combat the addiction to caffeine

1- Symptoms of caffeine addiction:

There are many symptoms of caffeine addiction that also appear when you try to leave this chemical. Usually, these withdrawal symptoms begin more or less one hour after the time in which you usually take your daily dose of caffeine. The intensity of this need depends on how much caffeine and followed that have taken it.
These symptoms of caffeine addiction can take to disappear until a couple of days. This will depend on the amount you eat regularly. Even if only a daily coffee a couple of days you took during the exams of the University, the symptoms can be long lasting.
The symptoms of caffeine addiction are:

Headache. It is the most important symptom of caffeine addiction. It tends to start in the back and the sides of the head up to the middle of it. This symptom occurs when you take more than one couple of hours without your dose of common caffeine.
Dream. Caffeine is a reinforcement that helps you to wake up. That is why when you get used to a certain amount, you will feel asleep longer if you don't take it.
Irritability. Remember I mentioned that caffeine affects the nervous system? This causes to leave the caffeine you're in a bad mood.
Lethargy. With a blinding headache and sleepy body, it is difficult for a caffeine addict to keep that energy boost.
Constipation. Caffeine is a stimulant for the bowel movements. Without this chemical, your colon will give you enough discomfort.
Depression. This symptom of caffeine withdrawal will be a problem if you already suffer from depression.
Lack of concentration. With all of the symptoms that we have mentioned, it is difficult to concentrate. Even the normal activities become a problem.
Flu-like symptoms. Some people have a stuffy nose, vomiting and nasal blocking during the lack of caffeine.

How to identify and combat the addiction to caffeine

2- How to deal with the addiction to caffeine:

Treatments to combat addiction to caffeine vary according to each person. To choose the most appropriate you should analyze your withdrawal symptoms. It can be very difficult to cope with caffeine addiction and symptoms that accompany it. There are those who come to need more specialized care, such as treatment centers. Others, just a bit of willpower to leave it. The best way to get rid of this addiction is gradually. This will help reduce the most complicated symptoms.
If you plan to finish with the caffeine addiction, follow these tips:

Eat healthy. Choose healthy foods that are crunchy like popcorn or pretzels. This will allow you to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Incidentally, you decrease the need to consume caffeine to compensate and keep the weight.
It takes healthy drinks. The fruit smoothies or fruit juice are great alternatives to caffeinated beverages. They can give you vitamins at the time that give you natural energy. Remember that take them in fasting gives best results.
Cinnamon candies. It sounds weird but the taste of cinnamon and sugar will give you the energy before giving the caffeine.
Something spicy or hot. Chewing on or eating chili may sound strange but it helps your body to release endorphins. This you will wake up and it will feel good.
Ginseng. Ginseng supplements improve blood circulation. They can even speed up the metabolism.
Caffeine is found in many foods and drinks we consume regularly. These include coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate. This is a pretty popular drug and therefore not consider it as a negative. However, if you notice the symptoms you mentioned and you cannot leave the addiction, seeking professional help.
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