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Medicinal plants to purify the pancreas

To maintain a correct quality of life, we need our bodies to work with the perfection of the machinery of a clock. It is not always easy, sometimes, a poor diet can make one is descompense, swell, or be intoxique too. Today, we teach you to care for your pancreas using medicinal plants.

Medicinal plants to purify the pancreas

1- The health of your pancreas:

Sure you know more than one person with a problem in the pancreas. Without a doubt one of the most serious diseases associated with this organ is cancer. But usually most of the pancreas-related problems are due to insulin, since as you know, this organ is actually a gland located behind the stomach responsible for producing these gastric juices that can digest the food we eat. And Moreover, the pancreas who has the basic responsibility to produce insulin and regulate blood sugar levels. Thanks to him, we avoid diabetes. An essential body which deserves to be taken into account to take care of him. Do you want to know then what herbal remedies will help you to debug it and keep it in good condition?

2- Medicinal herbs that take care of your pancreas:

Medicinal plants to purify the pancreas

1. The wonders of green tea:

A great natural antioxidant that each day, you will discover new properties. You want to learn, for example, a recent study published in the scientific journal Metabolomics, explains that consume green tea daily will help us to promote the health of the pancreas and protect it from a possible cancer incidence.
The key is a component of biological called EGCG (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate) present in green tea, which affects the cancer cells of pancreas, avoiding that they synthesize forming cancer cells. It is obviously not a cure, at all, what it basically does is to reduce the incidence. So, do not hesitate to take a cup every day.

2 Infusion plantain and licorice:

You know about the virtues of mixing these two excellent medicinal plants? I'll take this infusion after your main meal. Roots of licorice and a spoonful of plantain in a cup of hot water, is a very effective remedy for debugging, and take care of the pancreas. You should know that licorice root contains a molecule that controls glucose by the cell, and acts desinflamando and curing the pancreas.
Combined with the plantain stands as a perfect key to prevent the onset of disease prior to diabetes such as for example the insulin resistance. Don't miss as this infusion.

3. Infusion of rosemary and sage to the pancreas:

Excellent remedy whose flavor, you'll love. Very suitable also to take after your dinner, for example. Since that in addition to taking care of your pancreas, acts as a muscle relaxing excellent, that helps to sedate us, relax and fall asleep. What makes basically Rosemary, for example, is swelling and detoxify the pancreas. Hence, the ideal is to take it once a day. Simply put a sprig of Rosemary and 5 leaves is Sage. Leave to boil and stand 5 minutes. It accompanies the infusion with a little honey.

Medicinal plants to purify the pancreas

4. The properties of the milk thistle:

You can easily find Thistle ready to take in infusion in natural stores, and even in pharmacies. This medicinal plant contains Silymarin, a great ideal to heal flavonoid and repair the liver and pancreas. People that for example that suffer from fatty liver disease or who have an inflammation in the pancreas will be ideal for ir curing these bodies little by little. And even more the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Silymarin, can help for example to stimulate the growth of liver cells.
It is usually included in all detox therapies, to clean the liver and pancreas. To prepare it you won't have to put a tablespoon of the seeds in a cup of boiling water. Allow to sit and take after your meals. If you are especially interested in the properties of this healing plant, you can always ask your doctor or your pharmacist. Usually it is recommended to take a maximum of 450 mg a day. If you take it in capsule you can better control the amounts, but also very easily is to use always classic infusions.
Medicinal plants here presented, choose those that you like to drink at least two cups per day. Ideal for example is to be constant with green tea, then complement it with another infusion of your choice.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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