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Benefits and ways to add the chia in your diet

We can say that the chia is originally from Mexico, because their civilizations consume it before the conquest of America, since ya que la recolectaban it they gathered as a wild plant and turned it into a staple. After this, it was domesticated to kicking off the crop. However, not only they used it for food, also as an offering to the gods and oil seed to produce an oil base for body painting. This, in the long run, would that chia seed was of vital importance for the economy of pre-Columbian. But, why was it so important?
This is basically because this seed, when compared to other foods, is quite important and outstanding nutritional values. Let's take a look at some of them:

Protein: 16 g per 100 g of seeds.
Fiber: 38 g per 100 g of seeds.
Vitamin E: antioxidant natural.
Calcium. Ideal for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Benefits and ways to add the chia in your diet

1- Composition of Chia seeds:

Is for this reason that, in pre-Columbian cultures, the chia was a great food. For this reason, it becomes a very complete natural product which, as far as possible, must be entered into our diet. But how can we do it?

2- Uses the Chia:

Chia seeds, in general, they can be leveraged almost in any way, however share with you three ideal options to make it part of our daily lives.

Option #1 - soak the seeds in water, since this produces a gelatinous liquid tasteless. It may also be mixed with vegetable juices or essences.

Option #2 - these seeds can also be dry and grind, resulting in a fine meal with intense flavour, known by the name of pinole. It can be prepared as a sweet.

Option #3 - tender branches are eaten as a vegetable, raw or cooked, and can be used in salads.

3- Benefits of the chia:

It provides energy, increases the strength and endurance, i.e., help us to put an end to the exhaustion that leave our daily activities.
It regulates the levels of glucose. By balancing the blood sugar not only reduces the risk of diabetes, we also guarantee constant energy during the day.
Weight loss. Chia consumption controls the feeling of anxiety, allowing our satiety levels remain stable and, hence, we consume less "meals".
It regulates digestion. By its high fiber content, hydrates the colon and facilitates the transit of food.
It facilitates the growth and regeneration of tissues during the stage of gestation and lactation stage.
Helps fight the signs of aging. Chia seeds will help maintain good health in general (due to its antioxidant content), by what there is more likely to reduce the signs of aging.

Benefits and ways to add the chia in your diet

4- Don't forget it!

The chia is a very important food thanks to its highly beneficial to human beings, but the problem that exists is the ignorance that society possesses her and the high nutritional value that gives us to consume it. Note that the chia is not a medicine and, for that reason, there is no set dose, however ideally consume between two and five teaspoons a day.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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