Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How round and strengthen the glutes

Among the exercises that are more interested in women stand out which aim to enhance the buttocks, toning them and giving them a volume and a pretty shape.
In this article you will learn some exercises and tips to get some butt perfect, firm, rounded, stronger and no cellulite.

How round and strengthen the glutes

1- The buttocks are contracturan:

When our buttocks have a measure that we like, but what we want is to improve its form, for example, rounding them, it is possible that we should first perform a massage to eliminate possible contractures, because although it can surprise us, buttocks also is contracturan and suffer from the stress and emotional tension.
For relax us bust side and deeply massage the middle of the buttocks, until we feel the pressure near the bones (bones). If we notice discomfort or pain is done more gently, but insisting, already that confirm us contractures.
We will make it five minutes in each butt before other toning exercises.

2- Toning exercises:

Every day we will carry out the following exercises for 5 minutes each:

Squats: We will break the feet, which are proportionately located to the hips, and turn your knees as if we were to sit, watching always keep your back straight and your knees exceed the distance of the toes. While we do this exercise we will bring the arms forward. Little by little we will again raise the body and relax the arms.
"Fours": we will in four, for which we recommend to put a mat underneath or something soft to avoid pain in the knees. We should be with the straight back horizontal, the abdominal well firm and also well straight arms vertically. Another option would be supporting the elbows on the ground, if they hurt us arms or back. We'll back, leg straight, and climb it and go down without reaching the ground. Repeat with the other leg.
The bridge: We bust back, with open and bent to the same distance as the hips, legs and arms stretched along the body. Slowly lift the body from the ground, really hard by tightening the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, for not to harm us, until we get the most highest, to then descend slowly and let the back stay quiet on the ground.
Foot waits: another good way to tone the buttocks is to take advantage of the moments in which we are waiting for standing, even in the street, to press and release a buttock and the other. We can benefit from the elevator, the traffic lights, shop, etc.

3- A suction cup for firm:

There is a simple technique that can get us themselves, and also with very little effort. This technique will help us to improve the texture of the skin of the buttocks, eliminate cellulite and firm the area. To do this you will only need a suction cup with rubber (also known as cupping technique) we can get products of Chinese medicine stores, acupuncture, etc. We will also need an oil massage (of almond, olive, Sesame) either a texture quite oily moisturizer. We will apply it on one of the buttocks and the vacuum will do a light suction to massage so circulate on the area for at least five minutes. Then we will do it with the other buttock.
It is possible that the area is red, but if we do it every day we will be noticing as it improves the texture and firmness of the skin on the buttocks.

How round and strengthen the glutes

4- Exfoliation and hydration:

In addition to working the muscles also we care the skin of the buttocks so that they look beautiful. To do this we exfoliate this area once every 10 days approximately. We use sea salt directly in the shower, massaging the area for one minute. We then wash with cold water that will help us give more firmness to the area.
To dry us we drink plenty of fluids well the skin with a moisturizer with natural ingredients, or simply with coconut oil.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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