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Tips to look perfect knees

You hide your knees under long skirts? Don't want that nobody see that area of the legs because you don't like their appearance? Do you you ashamed to wear shorts? Then, be sure to read the next article, where we will show you some tips to look perfect knees.

Tips to look perfect knees

1- How to have perfect knees?

This is a question asked every day thousands of women around the world. Knees are not always taken into account within a beauty, exfoliation or moisturizing routine, but the truth is that after the consequences you suffer and you want to "cover" in any way. Most often is to have rough, rough or dark, knees the same thing can occur with elbows.
When summer arrives and it time to look this beautiful skirt or dress that you bought, you realize to look in the mirror that you have two large spots in the middle of the legs. Then, you despair to try all the remedies that exist to clarify them in a single application. No doubt that this is impossible, for more than you use bought creams. Best thing is prevention so that this not happen in the next season, in addition to a newspaper beauty knee treatment again.
Some tips to avoid that knees will be rough and dark, thickened skin (from elephant) are:

Taking Sun do not bend the legs, but it must keep them stretched as much as you can. A very common mistake is to raise the knees or bend the legs so that the Sun "arrives" on all sides, but the only thing that you do so is knees are most exposed to UV rays and are consequently darker in comparison with the rest of the skin of the legs.
It uses a factor of superior knee protection, to match the color. Even if you are not lying on the beach or summer. Since the spring, you will begin to use skirts and you will notice the difference.
Whenever you bathing you or once a week (also in winter and autumn), used vegetable sponge or brush to shampoo well and make an 'express' exfoliation. Perhaps not mend much in the knees when you're showering you.
When you leave the bathroom, it applies in this area a good moisturizer or moisturizing cream with circular massage. Continuous throughout the leg, but not make the typical mistake of "go fast" through the knees, wanting to devote more time to the calves or thighs.
If you never made before your knees, it looks ugly, then you should know that treatment to clarify them will be harder and will take you more time. Don't wait a week before you go on holiday to remember to moisturize and exfoliate your knees. Every day repeats the same routine: sunscreen; washing with brush, sponge and SOAP; moisturizing cream with massage.
There very good exercises for turning in particular knees and legs in general, so that they have a more firm and slender look. The spinning, yoga, pilates, weight training, paddle tennis, tai chi and the fencing are the most appropriate to this objective disciplines.
It carries out a healthy and balanced diet to be able to look a few knees to the astonishment. In addition, a good diet will help you to prevent all kinds of diseases, from cholesterol to obesity. Osteoarthritis, which typically affects people over 65 years the knees has a great relationship with foods that were consumed throughout life. Don't forget to eat fruits and vegetables every day and drink two liters of water per day. Avoid fried foods, sugar, salt, and (animal) fats.
A good idea to slim legs and hence improve the appearance of the knees when the problem is fluid retention, fat, cellulite, or varicose veins, is a treatment of massage therapy, pressure therapy, or lymphatic drainage. It is true that they are a little expensive, but worth it if you want to look beautiful next summer.
You do not overload the knees by lifting too much weight (from children to the shopping bags), you do not abuse the heels, the better leave them for special occasions, or no shoes no taco.
Don't wait to it arriving warm and pleasant day to take care of your knees, it is best to protect them throughout the year, so actually you can wear them wonderful when you go to the beach or use skirts to the office.

Tips to look perfect knees

2- Home remedies for knee:

To soften the skin of knees, the best is to exfoliate them home and naturally. How? Using sugar, lemon and honey (a tablespoon each). Thus you will go "eroded" by the skin and eliminating dead skin cells that cause stains. Repeat once or twice a week and don't forget after thoroughly, apply a good moisturizing cream with circular movements.
Another option to clear the skin of knees is lemon juice. Apply some drops and let stand several hours (you can place at bedtime). Keep in mind that if the lemon comes in contact with the Sun will further stain the knees, i.e. you get the opposite effect. By ellno, this treatment should be evening or a day you will not exit to the street. You can also cut a lemon in half and "scrub" each part in a knee.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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