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How to prevent and treat ingrown hairs

They are really very painful and unsightly addition. They appear mostly hair removal with wax or Shaver. They appear as small balls that are infected, these are the hairs that did not grow or were deleted correctly. They may become a serious problem, so in addition to treat them, it is necessary to avoid them. Discover how to prevent and treat hair embodied in the following article.

How to prevent and treat ingrown hairs

1- Tips to prevent and treat ingrown hairs:

Pay attention to the type of hair removal. Some suggest that wax makes the hairs will embody more easily and others claim that happens to the Shaver. In the case of wax, what it does is weaken the roots of the hair follicles, so that hair will not have enough strength to grow and go through the skin. Shaving can also cause hairs incarcerated organs by not removing them from root.
Take care of the skin. When the hair follicles are hampered with fat, dead skin cells, dirt and germs, it is more difficult for the hair to grow. Therefore performs a weekly exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing skin daily and using products non-comedogenic that prevent the pores "plugging".
Shave properly. If that is the chosen method of hair removal, pay attention to the following steps: soften your skin with water, SOAP or shaving foam (the same that men use), not you shaving against the direction of hair incarnate, performs a slight pressure during the passage of the Shaver and used a new machine every time (or even change it every two or three passes).
Do not use tight clothing. This will make the skin is tight and does not have the ability to "breathe", as well as neither of which the hairs grow below the dermis. This can lead to ingrown hairs. Especially avoid clothes to the body when you just finish yourself shaving or epilating. At the same time, it is advisable to use clothing of cotton and no other material (such as synthetic).
Eliminate germs after waxing. It uses natural antiseptics such as tea tree oil to prevent infections. This same product can be used a few hours before plucking.
Dilate pores, using hot water or steam bath. A towel wet in hot or with hair dryer can also be applied in the legs. So it will be easier to "break" the hairs.
Avoid the same wax several times if it is that you depilas in your House. In aesthetics and hair removal centers, what they do is reuse the wax for days or weeks. Therefore we recommend the "Spanish" system that can be used only once.
Dip a cotton ball in witch hazel and apply on the skin where the hair you have incarnated. This home remedy is very good to calm irritated skin and help remove the hairs. It serves at the same time to reduce the redness and inflammation. It is a product that exfoliates, moisturizes and unclogs blocked pores. It is used before and after hair removal.
Remove the surface of hair played with a pair of pliers. You should know that the hairs become "trapped" under the first layer of the dermis and therefore can be removed by scraping gently. Lift the hair with care, but not booting it, because you irritarĂ¡s even more area and you can infect it. Don't forget to have clean hands (wash with neutral SOAP) and apply a little alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in the clip before use.
Prevent hair embodied during the summer or sports. Perspiration and the training, the rubbing of the thighs or legs, certain clothes, heat, etc can help embody the hairs, therefore it is recommended to use vaseline, talcum powder or cornstarch to prevent irritation. When you finish exercising, you properly rinse so hair follicles "breathe" rather new.
Apply the gel of a stalk of aloe vera, a natural remedy to ingrown hairs. Place each night in the affected area and let stand. The best is to have an Aloe plant at home, open a stem and remove the pulp. Creams and lotions are also sold, but you need more time in which to effect. Be sure to not contain alcohol because it will irritate and burn enough.
Choose some oils like Chamomile or lavender. Question the amount and if it is necessary to dilute with water because some of these products are very strong and damage or burn the skin. You can mix more than one oil for superior results.

How to prevent and treat ingrown hairs

2- Steps to remove a hair incarnate:

Wash the area with mild soap and water, remove with cool or lukewarm water.
Exfoliate well the area where hair has embodied, once in the morning and another in the afternoon, so the hair will be "loose". This must be done gently to avoid irritation or bleeding. It should only be to remove skin dead, grease or dirt.
Apply a cloth, cloth or canvas that is hot (not burning) on where the hair became flesh for a few minutes, to soften the skin.
Use a clip that has been previously sterilized with alcohol or boiling water.
Stretch the skin tight and take hair from the root with the clip to remove it with a quick "flip".
At the end, use an antiseptic such as aloe vera or tea tree oil.
Repeat this operation if you suffer from hair embodied frequently or if you have in several areas of the body.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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