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Food to relieve and prevent the headache

Migraines, tension headaches... There are different types of headaches, and all are equally disabling and annoying. It is worthwhile to learn which foods can help alleviate and even prevent its onset. Do you want to know them?

Food to relieve and prevent the headache

1- Food that cause headache to us:

Many doctors give us a simple tip: keep a food diary about those foods that feel us better and those who cause more negative effects on us. For example, it is clear that there are different foods that can act as triggers of migraine and headache in general, you do a short list so you can have them in mind.
Foods rich in amines: avocado, drinks with caffeine or exciting, chocolate, cold milk and yogurt, yeast, butter, seafood, raisins, cured cheese and cheese spreads, food in vinegar or marinated, tomatoes, and Vinegars.
Foods high in salt, as for example salted.
Foods with additives such as E-102 and E-110, amarante red and E-123 E-124, MSG, nitrites, sulfites...
Manufactured food that we almost always swollen or inflamed us as soft drinks, juices, sweets, ice cream, wines, beer, instant soups...
Part of the here detailed each of us are unique and different at the same time, in such a way that there will be certain elements that feel you bad almost every time you eat them, while others are completely harmless. Worth then take them into account and to avoid them to find that necessary balance with which find us better.

2- What can help me to relieve and prevent annoying headache?

The headache is a reality that almost almost all of the population ever had more or less intense. It is often said that along with back pain, it is the leading cause of sick leave. Another fact to consider is that it is the reason why we more often auto - medicate us, always resorting to that aspirin or pain reliever with which we find us better.
It is worth to wait a little. When you get home with this annoying headache, try first relax a moment, then eat properly. If we get used to take pain relievers we can develop a resistance and get as well at the end, not to do us any effect. We must make a small effort and first resort to natural resources. If your headache persists and is persistent, it is best that we put it in our medical record. But let us now see what are the best foods that can help us, both to prevent it and to relieve it.

Food to relieve and prevent the headache

1. A spinach salad with pineapple chunks:

It is refreshing, rich in antioxidants and serving more than excellent magnesium with which prevent headaches and migraines. Us strengthens and relaxes us at the same time, a simple dish with which nurture properly combining two food suitable for our health avoiding headaches.

2. The egg:

We have to make a small clarification, if you're prone to migraines should know how you feel. On many occasions it can act as a trigger, sometimes it is possible to have them allergy, this is why you should first know how to act on your body. But if your headache is stress, then do not hesitate, the egg can help you. Its secret lies in the coenzina Q10, an element that gives us energy and strength to combat headache.

3. The watermelon:

Another refreshing and rich in water, something essential fruit to hydrate ourselves. If when you get home you prepare yourself for example a bowl with two slices of watermelon cut into small pieces, you get rich minerals and vitamins, ideal to balance your body, bring you water you need and relax. Do not hesitate, watermelon you sit very well.

4. The cucumber:

Another essential vegetable that can do us much good. Rich in water, fiber and minerals, combined with many foods and serves us both to make salads as natural juices. Perfect for lunch or dinner.

5. Almonds:

It is worth always have them at home. But eye, that are not salt, otherwise we would be causing the opposite effect: raise your headache, so natural and no salt. They are rich in magnesium, and nutritionists, we say if we take between four and five can act as an aspirin.

Food to relieve and prevent the headache

6. Olive oil:

Takes note of this simple remedy that will make you much good: in the morning and fasting, take the juice of half a lemon with a tablespoon of olive oil extra. It may seem somewhat strange, but it is a natural element that is able to relieve us and prevent headache. A mouthful of antioxidants so pure they can get the same effect as ibuprofen. Do you dare to try it at least during ten days? You'll see how its going well.
In conclusion, remember stay well hydrated, eat properly and match suitable as Mint, Sage or ginger teas that are also excellent for relieving headache.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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