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Simple tips to remove cellulite

Cellulite is formed due to a blockage of blood in the blood vessels, making difficult the oxygenation of tissues and the Elimination of toxins. This usually appears in the knee, legs, ankles, arms, abdomen, hip and buttocks.
There are three types of cellulite, these are:

the fledgling that is superficial and can be tackled easily.
The flaccid, which is a bit more difficult to remove.
The edematous, the most serious, since it causes pain and swelling, and should be addressed medically.

1- Causes of cellulite:

By inheritance
Circulatory problems
Deficiency of organs such as kidneys and lungs
Sedentary lifestyle

2- Changes in habits to fight cellulite:

Simple tips to remove cellulite

At lunchtime:

It is necessary that you eliminate the bad fats and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, eliminate alcohol and sodas.

When it comes to dressing:

But do not look much, clothes that you use can be cause that body have cellulite, so we recommend that you now pull your wardrobe those garments that fit you tightly or are elastic, since they impede good circulation of the blood, causing the formation of cellulite. The piping pontoons also prevent good circulation of blood, as well as tight belts, underwear set, with seams and.

Performs exercises:

At least 3 times a week also performs aerobic exercises, is essential to running, swimming or cycling. Remember that exercise is not only good for the prevention and elimination of cellulite, but to ensure the proper functioning of each of the organs of the body.

Perform massages in the area affected:

This is done in order to stimulate good blood flow through blood vessels. Do it in circles, with light taps, and as if you were kneading.

Take care of your weight:

Remember that cellulite is fat and poor circulation, so if you upload much weight you will leave these pesky marks; If the counter weight low, will be easier to combat them with exercise, creams and good food.
Remember that there are many problems that can bring you to your body and your health overweight, so it takes a healthy diet with good exercise habits.

Stay away from salt:

The salt causes your body to retain fluids, causing toxins to remain longer in your body, causing you problems such as cellulite, constipation, among others.

3- Home remedies for cellulite:

Simple tips to remove cellulite

Oats and seaweed SOAP:

These products find them easily at any health food store, you just bathe with oatmeal SOAP-affected areas, rinse, and then spend the seaweed SOAP. Circulate it in form to stimulate the functioning of blood vessels.


Half papaya performs a puree and add a few tablespoons of brown sugar, which is essential as it moisturizes and exfoliates your skin. Stir very well until you have a smooth paste and applied on the areas where cellulite. The papaya going to last to eliminate dead cells and have firmer skin!

Green tea:

We be short to mention some of the benefits of green tea, in this case is vital to eliminate cellulite, it is antioxidant and diuretic.


This infusion is one of the most recommended, since it improves blood circulation and helps to eliminate liquids and wastes from the body; It purifies your kidneys, so it is recommended in case of fluid retention and urinary tract infections; It also works as a mild laxative, it relieves constipation and gastric disorders.

Simple tips to remove cellulite


You can also do this simple tea to lose weight and eliminate cellulite, this helps to clean the body and eliminate the fat that is there.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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