Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Have you achieved your ideal weight? Learn to keep it!

After a diet, it is not necessary to follow strict guidelines, but instead it is essential to learn how to feed us balanced to not return to quickly regain lost weight.
We review some simple tips that teach us to eat better, in a healthy, balanced way and with joy, and avoiding the unnecessary suffering and obsessions.

Have you achieved your ideal weight? Learn to keep it!

1- How many meals a day?

Between three and five meals a day is ideal; depends on you. Although we have heard many things about this point, the truth is that it depends on your metabolism, the amount of eat, the exercise you do, your schedules, etc. It is not good to be too many hours without eating, but it is not be eating all the time. It is very healthy to let us daily hours where lunch is when we have enough hunger, but do not over tighten.

2- Between hours:

One of the risks to regain the lost weight is the eating between meals, since we are generally aware that we should eat healthy, but lost us the appetite that suddenly comes without that we have nothing in the fridge, or when we are away from home. How do we solve?
We always bring in the bag some healthy food snacks between meals, as a fruit, nuts or dried fruit, cereal, juice, etc. bars
On the other hand, if we are at home we have the great advantage of always have tasty things ready in the refrigerator, since we can prepare them in more quantity for several days. We are looking for healthy things that we like a lot, which are attractive:

Fruit salad with juice
Vegetable sandwich
Mixed salad (raw carrot or cucumber veggies) with yogurt room
Smoothie fruit and vegetable drink
Guacamole (avocado cream)

3- If we eat out:

Suffer from another problem that usually cause the lost kilos to recover persons who are forced to eat each day outside the home. We will try to always bring us our own food, but if not possible, we will look for the healthier choice. If we have to eat at a restaurant we will try one of the dishes is always salad, and we will be alternating one protein or carbohydrates. We can avoid bread, usually what we eat without even realizing, and we'll take care with desserts. In this case we can alternate between fruit, pudding, yogurt, etc., or if we have exceeded the previous dishes, simply opt for a digestive infusion.

Have you achieved your ideal weight? Learn to keep it!

4- Get your exceptions:

The problem of too strict diets is that they are difficult to cope with and in the end who makes them is it stressed and becomes just abusing everything what has not eaten. So once we have achieved weight ideal should plan us exceptions will allow us. For example, we can eat light during and the week and instead treat us any weekend. Another way to compensate is that after a meal or over dinner, the next day we base our menus mainly on fruits and vegetables.
There are also those who prepare first and second healthy dishes and instead give away any dessert from time to time.
According to our preferences, we will get our exceptions, which are very healthy because we reward and improve our State of mind, but we will continue trying to meet our planning.

5- Not obsessed with weight:

The negative part of watch our diet is that we can give the food more importance which has to reach, and be continually thinking of her. On the other hand, to keep us in our weight we should learn to have a healthy relationship with food, without hunger, without eating out of control, without thinking all the time about it.
In some cases we may need the help of a professional or some emotional therapy (such as Bach flower or homeopathy) that help us to not become obsessed with weight, that is the best way to keep it.

Have you achieved your ideal weight? Learn to keep it!

6- The dinners are fattening:

Finally, we will try that dinners are always light, especially if we have exceeded during the day. What we eat from the afternoon in general as not spend it, so the body it leads directly "to the reserves". In addition, that will help us to better sleep and get up with energy and appetite.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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