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How to treat eye bags

The bags on the eyes is a very annoying problem of aesthetics that affects both women and men. Swelling under the eyes we see in moments of tiredness or frequently; This issue can occur due to hereditary causes water retention, allergies, reaction to medications or lack of sleep.
Unfortunately for completely eliminating the bags, it is necessary to undergo surgery; However there are different natural treatments that help to significantly reduce inflammation and thanks to this can conceal more this problem. Want to know some tips and treatments to reduce eye bags?

How to treat eye bags

1- Tips to reduce eye bags:

Rests properly: one of the main causes of the bags on the eyes is fatigue. It is very important to sleep at least 8 hours a day without breaks and do activities that help you relax. If there is no adequate rest, eye bags will not disappear with any treatment that you apply them.
Reduce salt intake: this ingredient is one of the causes of fluid retention and as a consequence the appearance of eye bags.
Drinking water: drink at least 2 litres of water per day is very helpful for health in general. When we drink large quantities of water, the body eliminates easier fluids and all the toxins that can affect its performance, thanks to this will reduce the problem of eye bags and will prevent its appearance.
Includes diuretics foods in the diet: diuretic foods facilitate the digestion and helps to eliminate liquids accumulated in the body.
Moisturizes the skin of the face: pouches in the eyes may also occur by dryness and exposure to the Sun, since this tends to slimming skin eyes, destroying collagen and elastin fibers. It is recommended to use moisturizers for skin preferably with sunscreen.
Do not rub the eyes area: when we frequently rubbed eyes can irritate the delicate skin that surrounds it and as a result will appear easier the bags.
Avoid chemical cosmetics: some people tend to present an allergic skin reaction and swelling eyes, by the use of chemical cosmetics. In this case it is good to stop using certain beauty products and thus to identify if any of them is influencing the appearance of the bags.

2- Treatments to reduce eye bags:

How to treat eye bags


Potato properties are ideal to help reduce inflammation and therefore are great allied to reduce eye bags. For this problem enough to cut a few slices of raw potato, let them cool in the refrigerator and then place them over their eyes so that they cover the area of bags. Let it act for 15 minutes and ready.


Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling that form pouches in the eyes. To take advantage of this benefit the only thing you have to do is cut a few slices and let cool in the refrigerator. Well cool once you place them over your eyes for 25 minutes in which you can make a NAP to boost the effects of the treatment.

Green tea:

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help visibly reduce the appearance of the bags in the eyes while you relax this area of the face. Prepare a couple of green tea Infusion bags at room temperature and then put compresses on the eye for 15 minutes.


If you've slept little, you've had a busy night and the next day you have traces of tiredness in the eyes, this trick is ideal to reduce bags and have a more fresh look.
Soak a cotton ball in milk and apply to the eye area where the swelling occurs. This is left to act for 15 minutes and is removed with cold water.

How to treat eye bags


The Apple is ideal to relax the face and reduce inflammation of pouches. Cut an Apple and have a puree with it until it is a paste. Let cool in the refrigerator for 10 minutes and then apply it in the area of bags for 15 minutes.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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