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The Onion Marmalade recipe

The Onion Marmalade is as original as tasty, one accompanying more than delicious and perfect for a multitude of your dishes that you should not miss. Whether in the appetizers, with meats, fish, and how, to combine with toasted bread with cheese, this jam is not a very innovative choice in your kitchen.
This Onion Marmalade is sweet, is very easy to make and will bring to your kitchen a touch of originality that you'll love to try. And it is that as we all know, the onion is wonderful in all its forms, healthy, beneficial and tasty; indispensable because in our day to day and in our kitchen, which is having much success in recent times. Don't you miss it, you and your family will love you.

The Onion Marmalade recipe

1- Benefits of the Onion Marmalade:

Anti anemic property: the onion is an excellent source of iron, phosphorus and vitamin E, helping us to maintain and generate red blood cells.
Diuretic and depurative: thanks to its potassium content, helps us to eliminate the accumulation of liquids and to regular hypertension.
Source of vitamin B: the onion is an excellent source of vitamin B and magnesium, improves our muscular and nervous system. A single source to get energy and better quality of life.
Antioxidant: thanks to its vitamin A and C, and its flavonoids, obtain a suitable dose of antioxidants
Regulates the constipation: the onion fights constipation, and regulates the digestive system, helping also to prevent intestinal parasites.

2- The Onion Marmalade recipe:

The Onion Marmalade is very easy to make. So first you have to select a set of glass jars to preserve it better. We are going to make a kilo of jam, so view by calculating the size of the same to keep the Onion Marmalade in good condition.
Also noted you that to prepare the onion we preferred to roast it in the oven instead of boiling it in water, since it gives you a much more special and tasty flavor. But you can do it as you wish, even people who choose grilling to firing. But that depends on your tastes.


1 kg of onions
500 gr. of sugar

The Onion Marmalade recipe


We started lining the baking tray with aluminum foil. Now Peel the onions and wash them well, to then put them into this tray with a goodies of olive oil and a little salt. Put the oven to 200 degrees and left them about 35 or 40 minutes, controlling them to cook on all sides, turning from time to time.
When we already have the grilled onions, remove them and let them sit for a few minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a pot with more than three glasses of water and half a kilo of sugar. We introduce the grilled onions and cook them to fire medium for half an hour. Stir constantly so we stick, so be gaining a proper little by little consistency. We'll see how will caramelizando, taking a pitch dark and sexy smell. Be careful not to burn or get stuck. With some that burn longer changes us the taste of the Onion Marmalade.
Let it stand for about ten minutes. That way it will be catching more consistency. Now we will already introducing the onion jam in glass jars. To preserve it, you can cook the jars in a water bath. Insert once closed and sealed into a pot with water. When boiling and you hear the characteristic "pop" sound and they will be ready.
The recipe you have presented is sweet and Caramelized. There are other versions, who prefer to enter balsamic vinegar, butter and 200 grams of the same amount of onions with brown sugar, for example, and enter even a little honey. But this way of doing it is much simpler, and we assure you that the taste of having done in the oven is sensed in every bite. If you like the cuisine of contrasts, if you enjoy mixing flavors, don't try this tasty Onion Marmalade.
A way to tasty take it is for example with toasted integral (as shown in the illustration). Just put a twist on the toast, and above them, goat cheese teaspoon of onion jam. A tasty and original starter that will look very good if you have guests.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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