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Foods that cause cellulite

There is always talk about the food, routines and exercises that serve to eliminate cellulite, but are usually not taken into account the causes of this problem that affects almost all women in the world, regardless of their weight or physical texture. Cellulite is a process both hormonal and circulatory, so is that it can be difficult to eradicate. You know what are the habits and foods that cause cellulite in the following article.

Foods that cause cellulite

1- What to know about cellulite?

Cellulite causes the accumulation of fat and liquid in certain areas (buttocks and thighs mostly) very difficult to eradicate. It always affects women and there is a genetic tendency to get it. At different stages of life such as puberty, pregnancy or when taking oral contraceptives, they are exposed to a higher concentration of estrogen, which determine the appearance of the "pocitos" so unsightly and are guilty of many nightmares, especially in summer.
High concentrations of this hormone in the blood causes more porosity and brittleness in blood vessels and is therefore accumulated liquid and toxins under the subcutaneous tissue. Another cause of cellulite is constipation, changes in circulation and liver function. Finally, stress, inadequate food, sedentary lifestyle and smoking are many risk factors for his appearance.

Foods that cause cellulite

2- Foods that cause cellulite:

Sweets: are one of the major causes of cellulite, because they increase the amount of fat that aggravate the problem. Cookies, desserts, soft drinks, sweets and everything containing lots of sugar and particularly trans fats are highly inflammatory. The body does not have the ability to transform all this energy and the rest, will convert to fat that is deposited at certain sites. In the case of women, on the thighs, hips and buttocks. Moderate intake of sweets a maximum 220 Kcal a day. You can also replace the sugar with natural sweeteners such as Stevia and choose semi bitter chocolates.
Fats: are in second place in the ranking of enemies of the body and friends of cellulite. Avoid anything containing fat either reduced their intake to two servings per day maximum. For example, whole milk (milk, cream, margarine, cheese, whipped cream, milk cream), red meats, cured meats (sausages, bacon, salami, sausages, Bacon) and fried foods (especially with grease).
Salt: sodium is present not only in the salt that you take food, but it is included in many processed products, especially the marred. Sodium excess produces fluid retention and, consequently, causes the appearance of cellulite. It is advisable to consume no more than 1.5 grams per day, not to take the salt shaker at the table, not add more salt to food and where possible, cooking without salt or sea salt.
Soft drinks or soda: this is because they are very high in sugar and sodium, but also because they contain chemicals such as additives and preservatives that aggravate the process of cellulite, as well as causing other problems to our body. And be careful with that on your label say "light" or "zero sugar", because they have other ingredients such as dyes and artificial sweetener.
Coffee: there are voices in favor and others against the coffee for various health problems. Some research suggests that it impairs blood circulation, promotes inflammation and damages the tissue irrigation. Others consider that if you drink moderately, it is good for the health. It is best to control the intake, because excesses are never good. A cup of coffee at breakfast you will not do wrong, but if you drink five cups a day, will do well to your body, not only by increasing your cellulite, but also generate insomnia, for example.
Junk food: "fast food" so popular in all the world is bad for health in many ways. Above all, the hamburgers and French fries. This is because they contain a lot of calories and toxins, as well as saturated fats. How much more food scrap consume, more likely that your resume will increase in size. Nothing rings of onion, fried chicken wings, combo, pizzas, etc. If it costs you much leave this meal, reduce intake to once a week or every two weeks.
Alcoholic beverages: alcohol is harmful to our health in many ways, among them, the appearance of cellulite. It contains many calories and toxins that accumulate under the skin. In addition, in many cases the drinks and beverages are prepared with soft drinks or juices industry, so they are still harmful. This does not mean that you can not having a drink with your friends once or twice a month, but you do not abuse alcohol in each output if you want to see your thighs, buttocks and legs without cellulite.
The refined flour: everything that is "white" is not as pure as they want it we sell. Pasta, bread, rice, sugar (already discussed it before), they are difficult to metabolize carbohydrates and become fat when consumed in excess. It is, therefore, that they tend to both satiate hunger. A good idea is to replace the white flour for whole grains (of brown or yellow).
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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