Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to strengthen the ankles?

The ankles are one of the joints in our body that most often are injured, they are one of the largest human body support structures. When a person suffers an ankle injury for the first time, the risk of re-injury or repeated injuries can increase between 40% and 70%. Precisely for this reason, it is very important to work on the strengthening of all structures near the ankle joint, as a method of prevention of future injuries.
The strengthening of the ankles must be intelligently, especially if we need to rehabilitate ourselves after an injury. There are different exercises for strengthening of you ankles that can help us to reinforce this joint.

How to strengthen the ankles?

1- Simple routine of exercises to strengthen the ankles:

For the first year you get standing with paragraphs feet and your knees bent. Then you should put the hands on the knees or waist and lift both heels on the floor. Try to keep this position for 15 to 20 seconds and performs three repetitions.
Back of foot, place both feet on a step with both heels above the margin. Stops pending heel down and pushing up on the (steep) fingers. Hold the position for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat three times.
Sitting in a Chair or on a mat for exercise, you place one foot on the fingers of the other and then lifts the foot that is on top so the foot located under moving. Keep the position 15 seconds and repeat three times.
Sitting in a Chair, on the floor or a mat for exercises, a band placed to exercise around the ankles, turning the foot inward from the edge of the big toe, as turning the sole of the foot. Maintaining this position for 15 seconds to get three repetitions. Then do the same exercise but starting from the edge of the small finger.
Sitting on the floor or in a Chair, place the inner edge of the large fingers together and press them together.
On a Chair or sitting on the floor, cross the foot and carefully bend the tips of the fingers inward, pressing gently. 3 repetitions of 15 seconds each.
Standing or sitting on the floor, raise one of your feet and performs 10 circles to one side and 10 circles to the other side. Then change your foot and do the same exercise.
As much as you can stand, raises heels at the same time, in such a way that you can get in ball of foot.
Foot and barefoot, walking with the size of your foot steps, following the sequence: heel, plant, tip. It seeks to go exaggerating the motion to stimulate the work well.
Foot and barefoot, lean on the outer edges of each foot and walks giving small, slow steps.

How to strengthen the ankles?

2- Tips and warnings:

Regularly doing these simple exercises to work the ankles, you will get that are strengthened in a short time. To the ankles is going stronger, it considered the possibility of increasing the number of repetitions or the degree of resistance, provided doing so does not generate pain.
Keep in mind that there are other exercises focused on the strengthening of the ankles, but they are especially for those who have been injured. If this is your case, we recommend to consult specialist to send you ankles recovery therapy.
If put into practice these exercises you feel any pain in one, two ankle or foot, it suspends the routine immediately.
If you are you recovering from an ankle injury, it is very important to consult your doctor to see if it is suitable to perform these exercises. If the answer to a Yes, keep in mind that the exercises should not increase pain.
Before using the rubber band for exercise, check that it is in good condition and that there is no risk that can break while performing the exercises.
Remember that to get good results, it is important to frequently put into practice these exercises, either to prevent injury or to treat them. If you're going to practice a sport, you're going to go dancing, among others, these exercises can help you protect the ankles so that injury will not occur during this type of activity.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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