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Everything you need to know about high blood pressure

Keep well controlled blood pressure is essential to avoid more complicated health problems, above all it is important to maintain healthy heart and circulatory system in general. Blood pressure must not be neither very high nor very low, since if it is too high may be serious complications of health, especially in the heart; people who have this condition can become suffering from coronary insufficiency, angina, heart attack or arrhythmia, among other complications more presenting.
High blood pressure can have several causes, the most common include for example:

excessive sodium consumption.
the lack of physical activity, which can lead to the person to be overweight.
a little healthy eating.

Everything you need to know about high blood pressure

1- Can this disease be prevented?

In the majority of cases is a disease that can prevent, which is essential to follow some simple tips that can prevent suffer of this health condition. Let's see:

You should be avoided to the maximum consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco.
Try to maintain a healthy weight.
Exercise at least three times per week and at least for half an hour.
Measure blood pressure quite frequently to make sure that it is normal.
The values of a normal blood pressure should be between 120 - 80 and 129 - 84, normal-alta blood pressure levels ranged from 130 - 80 and 139 - 89.
Normal blood pressure values may vary during the day, because of the activities we undertake, since using the blood pressure becomes blood supply to all the organs of our body, therefore if we exercise and we measured the blood pressure during activity, or immediately upon completion of the exercise, we will surely find high Since this must increase its intensity to reach the muscles that are involved in the activity. When the exercise is completed and you have a bit of rest, the pressure returns to normal.
Other causes that tend to raise the blood pressure of normal levels may be:

by having some kind of concern.
by presenting a State of anger, anger.
by having a very strong pain.

2- What is hypertension? How to overcome it?

It is said that a person suffers from hypertension when measuring the values of pressure on several occasions and taking a medical control always this value is between 140/90. It becomes something very worrying, because the increase in blood pressure can cause damage to the arteries causing that, with the passage of time, the blood pressure increases more.
Hypertension can be controlled always and when you make some changes in the eating habits, as we have already mentioned it should avoid the consumption of salt and canned foods canned, since this kind of food contains many salts and preservatives that are detrimental to the normal functioning of our body. There are also restricting the consumption of all foods rich in fats, such as sausages, fried foods and fast foods, since they may help increase the weight and therefore, hypertension.
Therefore, if we maintain the controlled body weight, make frequent physical exercise and have a healthy diet, probably blood pressure will normalize and we won't have to rely on drugs to stop being people with hypertension.
It is recommended to include in the daily diet foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc.; also fruits and vegetables like carrot, chard, tomatoes, squash and watercress, among others. It is also important to fish consumption, at least once or twice a week, as well as the nonfat dairy products should be eaten daily.

Everything you need to know about high blood pressure

Don't forget it!

It is recommended to maintain good medical checks to be sure that blood pressure is properly controlled, if the doctor note that the pressure is surely very controlled will decrease the doses of medications and, maybe, if the recommendations are followed is likely to get the time that these medicines will be removed completely, but this only your doctor should recommend it not you can from any point of view to be self-employed.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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