Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Natural drinks for mental fatigue

Mental fatigue. There are times where hurts it most accused so: work and personal responsibilities, periods of stress or simple exhaustion, determine a State to which hard to cope. What such if we include in our diet following natural juices? You'll love them!

1- Juice oatmeal, banana and honey:

Natural drinks for mental fatigue

What do I need?

A ripe banana
oat flakes
Greek yogurt
skim milk
two tablespoons of honey
A little cinnamon powder

How do I make my drink for mental fatigue?

The preparation of this oatmeal-Banana Smoothie is very easy and also very effectively combat our mental fatigue. So you do not have that first put the oats soak in a bowl of warm water, thus we allow that stays more squishy.
Passed this time, strain the remaining water and let oat flakes. The next step is to take the plantain, cut it into small pieces and put it in to a blender along with oat flakes. Also add skim milk, and Greek yogurt. As you know this type of yogurt is the most healthy, suitable for the immune system and to bring good bacteria to our intestine.
It processes all the ingredients and finally adds a bit of honey and a little cinnamon on top. It would be ideal that take you cold. Refreshes you, you hydrate and, in addition, banana, honey and oats act as wonderful energy to our organism. Rich minerals that will revitalize your mind and make you feel better.

2- Carrots, beetroot and Apple juice:

Natural drinks for mental fatigue

What do I need?

A beet or beetroot medium
A Green Apple
A carrot
Medium cucumber
A glass of water

How do I prepare my juice for fatigue?

This juice is really delicious, you'll love it and you will notice how reduces your mental fatigue. And how prepare you? It would be appropriate that you had always hand green delicious apples. They are perfect to reduce fat and cholesterol keep controlled. Combined with the beets and carrots, configured a revitalizing natural juice rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a natural tonic for our body, to purge toxins from the kidneys and liver.
But in addition, its combination of vitamins and minerals is very suitable for combat classic fatigue that we have in these days of high stress. You do not have more than wash all the fruit and vegetables and cut them into small pieces to be better included in the mixer. Cucumber, for example, will help you stay hydrated, hence it worthwhile to include even half. Get well homogeneous juice and take it at room temperature, or even cold, will make you feel very good.

3- Drink almond, melon and grapes:

Natural drinks for mental fatigue

What do I need?

Two cuts of melon, the variety of season that suits you
Drink almond, a glass
10 grapes, seedless

How do I prepare my juice for mental fatigue?

This juice is highly recommended to start the morning. If you have set up with a light headache, apathy and that typical mental fatigue which makes that we have no desire to face the day, don't miss the opportunity to prepare this simple remedy.
So it would be appropriate that you had already list the drink of almonds. In many supermarkets sell it already prepared, but if you're that tends to make it with your special recipe, better than best. You know that almond is one of the healthiest fruits that exist, in this case we are interested in particular for his contribution in magnesium, well suited to combat tiredness, headache, pain joint... is really healthy, as well as the drink that is made of them.
We will need two cuts of melon, which is seasonal and that more you like, but whenever is cool. Do not take any juice that sell in stores in general, they will lose many of their properties. Always fresh and freshly made. Cut the melon into small pieces and put it in the blender.
We will also include some grapes, about 10, and the water of almonds. Remember to remove the skin and seeds, so the juice will be easier to drink, though as you know, the skin of the grape also has great properties. Then get a good homogeneous juice and drink it fresh. It is invigorating, delicious and ideal to reduce your mental fatigue. Never fails.
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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