Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Remedy with turmeric for optimum brain health

Several studies about the properties of turmeric reveal an encouraging fact: this spice has a bioactive compound that would help prevent and treat various neurological problems. The so-called aromatic turmerona (ar-turmerona) can do much by us, that is why we should bear in mind the benefits of turmeric.

Remedy with turmeric for optimum brain health

1- Turmeric and our brain health:

As you know, the world of medicinal herbs is a whole universe of possibilities and benefits to discover. No we cannot ignore the fact that many of its active principles are used in pharmaceutical industries. In fact, it is the same thing that is happening with turmeric. It was the Institute of neuroscience and medicine in J├╝lich, Germany, who has revealed to us the existence and the importance of a bioactive compound of this spice from India, an element named ar-turmerona. And what is it that makes this compound?
What it does, basically, is to promote the proliferation of stem cells in the brain, something hopeful for neurological disorders, brain stroke, and how accident not for neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer's. Experiments and tests performed at the laboratory level achieved very promising results, it stimulates an optimal proliferation of stem cells in the brain, which would help us in many of these cases and, in general, to take care of our brain health.
Now we only wait out the market these drugs. It is important to remember that although we take turmeric, the quantity from which we can benefit will not be as high as in those drugs. But even so, the benefits of this spice are very notable. The aromatic turmerona would therefore be a hope for many people. The study has been published by the Natural Standard, but also we can consult it on the next page, Stem Cell Research, there is where opened us a new path in always beneficial medicinal herbs.

2- The multiple benefits of turmeric:

Besides this important action level neurocerebral, turmeric has shown to have many other benefits.

1. Natural anti-inflammatory:

Did you know that turmeric can be as good as an ibuprofen? Indeed, a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine told us something that was already known since antiquity, that turmeric allows us to reduce the pain of knee in patients with arthritis and maybe, without side effects.

2. Turmeric, a great antioxidant:

Turmeric, along with ginger, have beneficial polyphenol Curcumin which allows us to very effectively combat oxidative stress, protecting us against many diseases.

Remedy with turmeric for optimum brain health

3. We help prevent cancer:

It was the University of Maryland Medical Center, who told us, through various studies, Curcumin inhibits the growth of prostate cancer, helping also to metastasis does not progress. But as whenever we talk about this disease, we must be prudent, will help prevent cancer in a small percentage, but it will obviously not cure it. It is a simple, suitable for treating and preventing strain.

4. Adequate to prevent diabetes:

Always worth accompany many of our dishes with this spice, with turmeric. This great natural antioxidant protects us against type II diabetes.

5. Prevents arteriosclerosis:

Turmeric is very adequate to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, this struggle against the hardening and blockage of the veins and arteries, thus improving blood circulation.

6. Turmeric suitable for heart health:

This spice is also very beneficial to take care of our bloodstream, preventing the formation of clots in the blood, being almost as good as physical exercise to protect the heart. Do not forget, it is worth taking it into account.

7. It improves digestive diseases:

Do you know what can help us to provide a bit of turmeric in our meals? It stimulates the production of bile, soothes the stomach pain, reduces the acidity and prevents diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Remedy with turmeric for optimum brain health

Remedy to improve our brain health with turmeric:

As you have pointed out, there are many benefits that can be obtained by eating turmeric. To improve our brain health and prevent potential problems will be suitable, as well as take this infusion you now pointed out, take care of our habits of life. A correct diet and keep us mentally active are two essential pillars.
Obviously, we must also understand that this infusion of turmeric will not have the same amount of active ingredients than drugs that are then designed to prevent and improve brain diseases. But even so, taken regularly, can do a lot for us. So it is worth taking note:

What do I need to perform my remedy with turmeric?

A tablespoon of green tea
A tablespoon of ground turmeric
The clean half lemon rind
A glass of water
One teaspoon of honey

How do I prepare my infusion?

It's easy, we don't have rather than heat the glass of water. Once boiling dropped turmeric, green tea and lemon. Once you arrive to boiling point allows you to sit after 5 minutes with the fire already off. Serve with a little honey and take it in the morning on an empty stomach. You'll see how well you feel every day.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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