Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to make homemade SOAP with Glycerin

Would you like to learn how to prepare soaps Glycerin-based in your own home? If so, pay attention to the next article, where we will teach you step by step how to make your own SOAP with glycerine, entertaining and original designs for you and your loved ones, in addition to scents and colours that suit your tastes or preferences.
First of all we should mention the importance of the use of soaps suitable for your skin type. And one of the soaps with Ph most similar to the one of our skin is just the glycerin soap, by getting clean your skin, eliminating the impurities without damaging it or be harmful.
A versatile SOAP is so that it can be used for oily or suffering from acne, as well as for fine and delicate skins.
We encourage you to make them in the comfort of your home, making sure that they will not detergents or other components that may damage your skin.

How to make homemade SOAP with Glycerin

1- The ingredients that you will need are:

1 tablet of glycerine (glycerine base). You can buy it from any natural products store or pharmacy.
Olive oil
Medicinal herbs
Natural dyes
Aromatic essences

2- Utensils...:

A pan
1 container of plastic hard (resistant to boiling water)
Heat-resistant silicone molds (shapes and sizes can vary).
Kitchen paper

How to make homemade SOAP with Glycerin

3- Elaboration:

You must cut the Glycerin into small pieces
Place the pan with water on the fire
Place chunks of Glycerin in a hard plastic container, and place it over the pan of water.
You must go stirring with the help of a stick until you discard.
We recommend grease with olive oil silicone molds, thus soaps can remove more easily when cold. Another trick would be that after pouring the mixture in the molds you spray them with alcohol. After your first experience, you will notice that alternative works better.
Add the aromatic herbs that are your taste in moulds (Chamomile, lavender, etc.)
Once the Glycerin is liquid you must put it into each mold, without reaching the top.
You can add dyes natural and flavoring to your liking and stir for a moment.
And ready, now to wait for it to cool! At room temperature for at least 30 minutes, but if you have little patience and don't want to wait too long, you can take moulds to the fridge to cool faster.
Once they are cold you can proceed to withdraw them from silicone molds, if edges are irregularities, you can remove them with a knife to make more aesthetic look.
Now get ready to enjoy a delicious bath with a super SOAP natural and beneficial to your skin, and most importantly, made with your own hands.
If you want to vary the sizes and shapes of your soaps already depends on your desire and creativity, you only find molds of silicone with different shapes and sizes.
In terms of the aromas you can add to those who want, and with colors is the same. Don't you think fun and relaxing even develop your own soaps? Enjoying different colors and scents in each preparation.


An interesting option so that the glycerin soap is harder and do not dispose very easily on contact with water is to add table salt to the mixture.
A spoonful of salt dissolved in a little water can be added to SOAP still hot so you dilute with greater ease. That way your homemade glycerin soap will provide greater strength and durability.
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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