Thursday, September 17, 2015

Five medicinal plants that help you lose weight

Some herbs such as green tea, red tea, ginger, dandelion or horsetail have very beneficial effects on our health, one of which is the help us lose weight if we combine it with a healthy diet and daily exercise.
In this article you will learn the benefits of these plants as well as the best way to take them to help you lose weight faster, without sacrifice and gradually, to avoid subsequent rebound or other health problems.

Five medicinal plants that help you lose weight

1- Green tea:

The famous and healthy green tea is known for its slimming properties for several reasons. The main is that it speeds up the metabolism by stimulating properties, which facilitates a greater expenditure of energy and loss of calories. On the other hand, it helps to burn fat and remove liquids, so its effects are very complete.
We recommend not to abuse green tea in cases of constipation, it is astringent, and in cases of anemia, because that prevents part of the assimilation of iron in meals.

2- Red tea:

Actually the red tea comes from the same plant as green tea, but unlike this, red has passed a long process of fermentation. For this reason the red tea is even more slimming than green tea, although it is also more stimulating and it may not be the best option for people who suffer from insomnia or nervousness. We recommend you opt for one of the two depending on our case.

Five medicinal plants that help you lose weight

3- Ponytail:

For those who should be its overweight in part to an excess of fluid retention, we recommend consumption of horsetail, since it is mainly diuretic. This plant can increase up to 30% the amount of urine, but is also very healthy also because it helps eliminate toxins.
This plant is easily found during the summer in damp places, next to rivers, lakes or swamps, especially in clay soils. The most used part is the stem, not the leaves, which is left to dry in bunches hanging.

4- Dandelion:

Dandelion is one of the more cleansing medicinal plants that exist, and so that an organism has a balanced weight must also release toxins that accumulate on it. Dandelion, in addition, is a diuretic, helps us to properly digest fats and regulates glucose levels.

5- Ginger:

Ginger is a super food, with medicinal properties since antiquity, which in this case helps us to lose weight thanks to speeds up the metabolism, improves the digestive process, is a powerful fat burner and regulates glucose levels.

Five medicinal plants that help you lose weight

How do we take them?

To benefit from these medicinal plants we must take them every day in the form of infusion, at the rate of three glasses a day, or summary, which we buy in health food stores and take along with several glasses of water a day.
We will start to drink the liquid in fasting, at least two vessels, and the rest take you morning or middle late. We will avoid taking it before going to bed to avoid having to urinate during the night and also to not interrupt sleep by stimulating content of teas.
We can add always a little lemon juice drinks, to boost their profits, and if we want to sweeten will exclusively with stevia so add calories.
Although some dietitians recommend the cold drinks to increase the expenditure of calories, the truth is that that cold can harm the liver, therefore not recommended in any case. We opt for the hot, warm, or cool drinks.


It is important to note that no medicinal plant acts miraculously. These plants are remedies which in fact complement a healthy diet and daily exercise routine. The effects are not immediate, but however will be gradual and natural for our organism, and therefore also will help us to avoid the dreaded rebound effect or effects on our health.
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