Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The best smoothies to help you lose weight

When we hear the word Smoothie we think quickly of something fattening, because they often carry cream from milk, ice cream, or other ingredients very caloric. However, it is possible to prepare smoothies at home with natural ingredients that will help us to lose weight.
We shared several delicious and slimming recipes to consume smoothies throughout the year.

The best smoothies to help you lose weight

1- Advantages of healthy smoothies:

It is satiating, since they include fiber and water
They are easy to digest, since all its ingredients are crushed
They allow to include fruit and other ingredients that some people do not tend to consume daily
They are very energetic but not promote fat accumulation
We can take them in a short time, anywhere
They are easy to prepare
Although they are very nutritious, its fiber content and their healthy fats contribute to lose weight the healthy way
We will quickly notice its beneficial effects if we take them to breakfast or snack, instead of the usual sandwiches or, worse still, pastries or sweets.

2- The classic chocolate and Banana Smoothie:

Banana gives a sweet taste and a creamy texture to shakes, that will be our main ingredient in this Smoothie, but it must be well mature.
Almond drink
Bitter cocoa
Almond drink can buy it liquid or cream, to mix with water to our liking. As this drink and banana are sweet, possibly we won't need sweeten it more. This smoothie is very nutritious, rich in fiber, so we recommend to replace it with a breakfast. In this way it will give us lots of energy, we will avoid us be hungry until noon.
The best of this milkshake is their taste of banana and cacao, which however has not a drop of chocolate or cream.

The best smoothies to help you lose weight

3- "Strawberries with cream" smoothie:

This milkshake will surprise with its delicious taste and we must however know that it does not cream. Not even contains milk or sugar.
Fresh strawberries
Oatmeal or rice cream
Agave syrup
Oatmeal or rice cream is a thick beverage that can perfectly replace the cream and can get dietary and some supermarkets. We will beat well as strawberries and cream, and serve in a glass or Cup. Will add you agave syrup on top and chunks of walnuts. This smoothie is delicious as a breakfast or snack, but can also be a healthy and sophisticated dessert. In that case we can also decorate it with bits of Strawberry above.

4- Tropical pineapple and coconut Smoothie:

This curious milkshake, that allows variations of the type of fruit, is refreshing, diuretic and helps us burn fat thanks to its two main ingredients.
Natural pineapple
Cream, milk or coconut water
Turmeric powder
Purified liquid stevia
Turmeric will give a strong yellow color to the batter and add their properties anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant to shake, making it ideal also for those who usually suffer from pain.
Stevia, a natural sweetener without calories, must be purified, transparent color, so not too change the flavor of the shake. Just a small dash, since it has a strong sweetening power.
We will decorate with grated coconut.

5- Smoothie baked apples:

We can also take this milkshake as hot cream for dessert, it is very digestive and satiating. We recommend it for cold periods, since it will help us to come into heat without consuming too many calories.
Baked apples
Yogurt light
Grated lemon peel
We beat apples (with skin if we want to increase the dose of fiber and the laxative effect) and yogurt, and then add a little cinnamon to taste and grate a bit of an organic lemon peel. If we want it to be sweeter, or are going to add the children a little honey.

The best smoothies to help you lose weight

6- Other healthy ingredients:

We can add some very beneficial ingredients to our Smoothies:
Brewer's yeast: to improve our hair, skin and nails
Spirulina powder: give our shake a green colour but it will also increase its slimming properties
Maca powder: energy, hormone regulation and also improves the condition of skin, hair and nails
Ginger: a spice that helps to lose weight and that helps us to remove the cold in winter.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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