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How to combat flaccidity in arms and legs

It undoubtedly is one of the most common nightmares of women and some men also. While it reflected more the age of 30, there are many factors which accelerate the appearance of sagging at younger ages. The most common areas are arms, legs, neck, eyelids and the corner of the mouth. He knows how to combat flaccidity in legs and arms in this article.
Flaccidity is basically lack of movement or exercise in a muscle, resulting in a deficit in the tension. The sagging of the epidermal tissue may also occur and is more simple to treat, because the situation is reversed with some specific exercises. However, it is necessary to know that the elasticity of the skin and its recovery is a long, arduous process and that depends not only on the movements that occur. Some additional recommendations:
Avoid too drastic slimming diets because they disappear the fat that holds the skin.
Avoid exposure to the Sun too much, because they are radical free weaken the fibers in the dermis
Avoid smoking
Maintain a healthy diet, leaving the bad fats and eat more fiber
Follow a routine of aerobic exercise at least three times a week and one hour each session, as well as with swimming, hiking, biking or trekking supplement twice a week
Drink plenty of water

How to combat flaccidity in arms and legs

1- How to combat sagging with folk remedies:

Extract the pulp or a stalk of aloe vera gel and rub gently and form through the affected area. Repeat at least once a week for an immediate "tightening" sensation.
Extract two fig pulp and add the juice of a lemon. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous paste. It is applied before bedtime at the sagging areas. Leave to act for 20 minutes and then remove with cold water.
Mix a tablespoon of honey with the white of an egg. It extends with circular and upward movements in the legs or arms and let stand 20 minutes before removing with cold water.
Mix half a cup of Apple juice and a melon half. Applied through massage and gentle pressure on parts of the body where you suffer from sagging. Repeat two times a week to see good results.
Part a small melon into several slices. Extract the pulp and place in a blender with water (half a cup) and the juice of a lemon. Blend and then soak a gauze, which you use in the arms "hanging" part.
Grinding two tablespoons of linseed or flax seeds and mix four tablespoons of hot water, to form a paste. Add two drops of essential oil of Cypress. It extends over a cloth, folded in half and has flabby area. Cover with a plastic to make the process simpler. Repeat this treatment twice a week.
It hydrates a handful of seaweed kombu in a glass of water for three hours and applied with a gentle circular massage and exerting a slight pressure on the areas with sagging of your legs.

How to combat flaccidity in arms and legs

2- Exercises to eliminate sagging in the arms:

That amount of skin that seems that "" in arms may harden and delete with exercises. Many of them can be made at home, in other words, you don't have to pay and go to a school or gym:
Performs push-ups on the floor, the only point of support and maintenance of the body's weight to make arms. The shape can vary greatly, it is most common lie down on the floor and lift the entire body using only the arms. If you've never done before, crosses the knees and lay them on the floor, so you will have greater stability, will make less effort and your back will suffer less.
Filled a bottle empty water or soda with stones, sand, water or whatever you have available, to generate some weight. If you can buy some dumbbells in a gymnastics products store. Standing, separates legs slightly and hold the dumbbell with your left hand, raises his hand to make it straight above the head, hold the elbow with your right hand. Rises and falls with the dumbbell behind your neck. Repeat ten times, stretching the arm well and without touching the head. Change of hand and performs two series with each one.
Foot and with her legs open wide hips, take a rubber ball foam and place it between the right hand and the side of the leg on that side. Performs certain pressures with rhythm, with the Palm of the hand to the leg. It reiterates 20 times and change of side.

How to combat flaccidity in arms and legs

3- Exercises to eliminate sagging in the legs:

They are those who, as a general rule, allow you to lose weight too, so it may take a little longer to "make effect" of arms or another area of the body. For example, go by bike, uses the climber, climb the stairs instead of the elevator, jump rope or salt to jogging or running. Repeat at least four times a week, one hour each day.
Another good way to tighten the legs and thighs is doing squats supporting their backs against the wall. Upload and lower by bending the knees. You can also make strides with dumbbells in your hands. In any case, he made four sets of 12 reps each.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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