Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to take care of the health of the back

When we go to get something from the ground, if we spend many hours sitting in the same position or have to work standing all day, they become actions that injure or harm to the spinal column. Therefore, more is to say that it is essential to learn to care for the health of the back, a very important area of our body and at the same time, very sensitive.

How to take care of the health of the back

1- Understanding the functioning of the back:

Needless to explain that the spine is our support and balance, so it is vital to take care of her. To do so, we must first understand that it consists of different sectors, each with its own features. Top down we find:

Cervical. It consists of seven vertebrae which begin at the base of the skull and extends to the height of the shoulders. It has a convex shape and you can exercise different movements, is what most commonly damaged by bad postures or work on the computer.
Back or chest. It is composed of twelve vertebrae, it runs from shoulders to waist, across the back, practically. It is concave in shape and has less mobility than the previous.
Lumbar. It has five vertebrae and is placed in the lower part of the back. It is convex shape and it is a very vulnerable region, second of the current consultations but the more we listen to.
Sacra. Composed of four vertebrae, which are welded to form the sacrum. The tailbone is located in the end of the column.
The ideal position of the back is: head aligned with the pelvis; shoulders are relaxed and are online, chest opens forward and there is a small curve in the lumbar area. The abdomen is flat, knees do not receive voltage and in body weight goes straight to the vamp of the feet.

2- Ideal positions for every moment of the day:

To avoid that it hurts us back and care for it as much as possible, it is necessary to respect some positions, which can not be forced, but respecting the body and the shape of the column, as well as also the movements that can make each vertebra, for not forcing them. Sudden movements, artificial postures and staying in the same position for hours is very bad for the back, brings as a consequence back pain, spasms and jerks. You must take utmost care when you work, you do the housework, you are going to the gym, you pick up a weight, loads with bags of shopping, etc.
The most frequent positions do our spine with his back, which in the majority of cases, are incorrect or affect, to a greater or lesser extent, could resume in three.

How to take care of the health of the back

When lifting weight:

When we want to take some of the ground (be it a bag, something that fell, raising a child, etc) tend to lower the head, leaving the back perpendicular to the floor. This is incorrect. The best way to pick up weights from the floor is flexing the knees and keep the column upright on the head. Merge, do so slowly, never hit, stretching a little legs. When you take the object with your hands, attach it to chest by bending arms, never separated torso.

While sleeping:

Can you get up in the morning with back pain or neck and that due to that you are sleeping in an awkward position or that you have maintained the same position all night. To take care of your spine and relax better, it is recommended to opt for the position "trunk", i.e., to one side, with legs and arms well stretched. If you usually napping, it respects this also, avoid lie unused pillow. You can also use a cushion to place below the knees.

To the work:

Depending on how you take care of our column during working hours is how we feel after. While it is true that there are jobs that require greater or lesser efforts, you always have to pay attention to how we sit down, we stop, we walked, etc. In the office, with a desk and a computer jobs, it is necessary to keep your back straight, using an anatomical seat and allow joint at an angle of 90 °. The head should be in a position so that the eyes are located on the top edge of the screen. In the work where it is required to spend all day standing, wear comfortable shoes, try to relax certain intervals and not bending your back backward or forward. If to lift weights or straining, you should always having appropriate equipment that protects the spinal cord.

How to take care of the health of the back

3- More tips to care for your back:

Always keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed.
It carries out a healthy diet with nutrients that strengthen bones (such as calcium, iron, phosphorus and proteins).
Leave aside the overweight, especially removes fat that is deposited in the waist.
Do exercise at least twice a week, the most recommended is swimming, cycling or yoga.
Use proper footwear, you do not abuse the very high heels but not the shoes that are flush with the ground.
Stop smoking because cigarette degenerate vertebrae and causes them to break.
Performs a routine of stretching when you wake up. You can be sitting in bed or standing.
Rather than pull heavy things, you choose to push them, do not hesitate to ask for help.
Attend the massage once a week if you start having discomfort.
Does movement to rest muscles: rotations, stretching, etc., during the workday.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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