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Ankle pain: causes and treatments

Ankle pain. Sure you yourself have suffered on occasion one of those days in that, without knowing why, costs you more support the foot. And when you do you feel a sudden pinch in your ankle. It is a reality that can last for days, but... What is? We will explain you.

Ankle pain: causes and treatments

1- Causes of ankle pain:

There is one aspect that we must be clear. Our feet are a complex conglomerate of small bones well-assembled, multiple joints, muscles and ligaments. Think also of the constant movement to which we submit to our feet and our ankles every day. It is something that never ceases, in comparison, for example, with our shoulders. It is also very different load that must withstand over them and the need we have to these ligaments, muscles and joints are good in every moment.
It is normal to suffer a problem at any given time. That is why we want to show you what can be the main causes:

1. Weak ankles:

There are people who suffer ankle pain more than others. This is due to the fact that the ligaments are somewhat weaker, that they get more tired since they are thinner or are not as strong as those of the rest of people.
Sometimes badly curing sprains often cause this reality. And eye, note also that the use of inappropriate footwear for a long time, such as heels, often also cause weakness of ligaments and, consequently, ankle pain.
Doctors warn that a poor diet or even stress can also lead to this picture of pain or discomfort. We are somewhat weaker, our bones, cartilages, and ligaments weaken and also outline the classic weak ankles. It costs us to walk for continuous periods, punctures, stair climbing... and pain without knowing very well how we feel, we just limping. I am sure that has happened to you at any time.

2. A sprain:

All have suffered them. A bad movement, a misstep, a minor accident... Sprains are basically those existing in our ankle ligament injury. They are too stretched in a given time and break, something extremely painful which always causes a swelling in the affected area.
It is very common in athletes, but that doesn't mean that at any given time we stumble, we fall or demos that misstep where suddenly we noticed we can not walk already.

3. Pain ankle arthritis:

To differentiate if your ankle pain due to arthritis or a simple weakness of ligaments, look at whether your pain extends also to the sole of the foot with the heel. Also differentiate it because it is not something specific that appears suddenly, not a sprain.
This pain often appears and becomes more intense in cold weather or when we have walked more than necessary. The pain is not sharp, is like a burning that surrounds the entire foot and ankle not only. Arthritis usually appears with age and although no cure, if we follow palliative treatments.

Ankle pain: causes and treatments

4. Ankle due to gout pain:

Where our ankle pain is due to gout, it is characteristic that, in addition to pain, appears inflammation, swelling in this area of the foot. A blood test is which determined their origin, because as you may know, the drop is due to an excess of uric acid, which accumulates in the form of crystals which can not be eliminated and painfully stored in joints. We must bear it in mind to prevent it.

2- Palliative treatments for ankle pain:

Remember that you will always be our doctor who we most suitable indications for sore ankles depending on whatever their origin. We, for our part, you are simple home remedies that will serve as palliative treatment. Fancy then meet them?

1. Weak ankles:

If in your case is that you suffer from weak ligaments, then get used to use comfortable shoes with which avoid overloading more ankle. A diet rich in vegetables such as spinach, conalto contained in magnesium, present in pineapple Bromelain, present in the parsley or lentils silicon, will also strengthen our ligaments. The practice of gentle exercises like yoga, is also very suitable.

2. Sprains:

In case of sprain we will no doubt follow medical guidelines in order to rehabilitate the ankle. Meanwhile, to reduce inflammation, you can apply ankle baths with salt and rosemary oil. Taking ginger infusions will also help for pain and inflammation, as well as the natural juices of carrot.
This same treatment is suitable for people who suffer from arthritis, since the purpose is the same: reduce inflammation and treat pain. Do not hesitate, go you well.

Ankle pain: causes and treatments

3. The Gout:

What if we started to improve our diet? No red meat, fat, foods such as livers or viscera of animals. It is very harmful in case of drop. It elevates your consumption of liquids and juices, natural, cherry, suitable for uric acid, fresh vegetables and, for example, the excess water from the decoction of artichokes. Taken together with a bit of lemon juice is a wonderful thing.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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