Tuesday, September 15, 2015

3 Healthy breakfasts to resolve constipation

Constipation. There are times that hurts it way more charged. We feel heavy, swollen with annoyances that, long term, may bring more problems. We invite you to solve the problem of your constipation from breakfast.

3 Healthy breakfasts to resolve constipation

1- A good breakfast combats constipation:

Did you know that breakfast properly is the first step to correct constipation? So doctors and nutritionists say it ourselves, and as such, it's worth taking it into account. Constipation rises like a reality increasingly frequent between the population, caused mostly by wrong habits of life and power. Do you want to know the most common causes?
Include very little fiber in our diet.
Not drinking enough water.
Few Prebiotics taking care of our intestinal flora.
No breakfast but dinner however, large amounts.
Leading a sedentary life.
Eat foods with high fat and refined flour.
Do not stop when in truth "the desire to come to us". We retain Lee for not having time to go to the bathroom, these harden, intestinal transit becomes slow and we can consequently suffer serious problems.

3 Healthy breakfasts to resolve constipation

Breakfast option #1

Aloe vera with honey and lemon infusion
Bowl of oatmeal with 5 strawberries into small pieces and a plum also into small pieces.
Natural PEAR juice
Why start the day with an infusion of aloe vera? Because it is one more than excellent for our bowel tonic. Care, heals it and facilitates intestinal transit. To take advantage of this you don't have to heat a cup of water and when it is boiling, add one tablespoon of Aloe Vera or aloe vera gel. Leave it to dissolve, then let fall a few drops of lemon. Later, when taking it accompany it with a little honey.
About 20 minutes later, still with your breakfast. You know that fiber is excellent and that the Oatmeal is always a good choice. Strawberries have these seeds as good to go to the bathroom, are very suitable, as well as classic plums. Finally, PEAR juice will provide you hydration and a natural supply of fiber. You'll love it.

3 Healthy breakfasts to resolve constipation

Breakfast option #2

Infusion of flax seeds
Greek yogurt with walnuts and figs.
A toast of oatmeal with olive oil
A glass of orange juice
We assure you that this breakfast is really delicious. We will start with flax seeds, are one more than excellent way to treat constipation. So we will have to prepare an infusion, notes. You should take a glass of water, heat it in the tea and add a tablespoon of flax seeds. Boil 3 minutes, turn off the heat and let stand until cool. Drink a Cup in fasting and to complete the effect, it would be advisable that you take you another in the afternoon.
Half an hour after the first infusion of flax seeds, we will continue with our Cup of Greek yogurt with walnuts and figs. Greek yogurt is the most recommended and healthy. You have less lactose and in addition, provides us with more beneficial bacteria to our intestine, strengthening your intestinal flora, protecting our immune system and also encouraging that we can go to the bathroom. Figs, in turn, provide us with a strong laxative effect which will help us in the evacuation needed. In addition, they are delicious, well digested and protect us against the emergence of other stomach like reflux or acid conditions.
Finish with a natural orange juice is the best way. Contribution of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants, perfect to start the day in the most appropriate manner.

3 Healthy breakfasts to resolve constipation

Breakfast option #3

Prickly pear and orange juice
A toast of oats with plum jam
A cup of wheat bran with a kiwi to pieces and 3 chopped almonds.
Have you tried the healthy juice of prickly pear and orange ever? It's a healthy very effective remedy to prevent constipation, raise our defences and prevent, for example, flu and colds. The Cactus has a kind of inner rubber that acts very properly cleaning our intestines of all kinds of toxins, and to facilitate the evacuation.
It is very digestive and, combined with the Orange, gives us lots of fiber and minerals. Make this Smoothie you don't have rather than get an orange juice and take a smaller sheet of nopal. Try to peel it, wash it and insert it in your blender with orange juice and a glass of water. We process well and try to obtain a homogeneous good juice that we will drink immediately, taking advantage of their maximum properties.
We will then prepare a small toast with plum jam, along with a cup of bran of kiwi with almonds. If you see that it is too much, stay above all with the cup of bran and kiwi. It is perfect and if you accompany it with a few almonds the amount of fiber will be higher and, in addition, you will have a good supply of magnesium. Try it!
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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