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Causes, prevention and treatment of cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is a serious disease of the liver, which can be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, also can be produced by some diseases, drugs or viruses. Cirrhosis occurs when the liver is continuous and irreversible damage affecting cells in a very aggressive way.

Causes, prevention and treatment of cirrhosis

1- What can be the causes of cirrhosis?

This liver disease is not contagious, it is not acquired after contact with a person infected by this reason it is important to find their origin in the body and find the problem that caused it to start a really effective treatment. Some of its main causes are:

Excessive alcohol consumption
Wilson's disease
Cystic fibrosis
The constant inflammation of the bile ducts
Biliary cirrhosis.
Infections caused by an invasion of parasites.
Disorders that prevent the correct assimilation of sugars by the liver.
Allergic reactions caused by prescription or not
Inhalation of some toxic substances

2- Would that have symptoms when you have cirrhosis?

Unfortunately for patients with this disease, when it just starting does not present any kind of symptoms that can alert about this delicate health problem, since in the beginning are simply observed some scars that in reality do not affect the proper functioning of the liver. When the disease is found in a more advanced state of alarm signals may occur:

Fatigue, unexplained weakness and tiredness.
Significant loss of appetite.
Weight loss.
Nausea, especially when fatty foods are consumed.
It is presented in turn both constipation and diarrhea.
You experience an exaggerated and unpleasant gases production.
Edema in the legs swells and inflames the belly.
Experiencing some tremors in the fingers and tongue.
The vessel is grown and the liver undergoes.
Presents a serious kidney and heart failure.
When the cause of cirrhosis is not treated in time, this serious disease can continue to progress and cause irreversible damage in liver and other major organs of the body.

Symptoms to detect advanced cirrhosis:
Bruises that occur with great ease.
Itching anywhere in the body, abundant nosebleeds.
Liver failure
Esophageal varices
Nasal or gastric bleeding.
Accumulation of fluid in the abdomen accompanied by swelling.
Vomiting of blood or rectal bleeding.
Delirium, confusion, fainting, hallucinations, among others.
Swelling in the legs
Muscle tremors
Difficulty standing
Shortness of breath
Yellowish in skin and eyes.

3- How can this disease be treated?

As first step recommended a total change of eating habits, if disease is produced by the consumption of liquor, no doubt this to be eliminated completely. Salt intake should be avoided to the maximum, also should be treated part each one of the complications that have arisen because of cirrhosis.
In extremely severe cases, as for example if cirrhosis has reached a level of terminal illness, is recommended liver transplantation, since this is the only way to save the person from imminent death. Cirrhosis is incurable, but following proper treatment and taking into account the recommendations that advise the treating physicians, without a doubt a normal life can be and without having the complications previously described.

4- Natural remedies to treat cirrhosis:

Causes, prevention and treatment of cirrhosis

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is an excellent natural remedy to heal the liver, since this plant has healing properties. It may be blending one or two tablespoons of crystals or pulp with any juice, it is an excellent remedy for the treatment of cirrhosis.

Celery seed:

Some research in this regard have resulted in that these seeds have the property of healing in the liver damage caused by the excessive consumption of drugs that have been able to affect it.


According to recent studies it has been demonstrated that turmeric has the property of eliminating toxins from the body that may cause it liver damage.

The Milk Thistle:

This is an excellent herb that has the property to help facilitate the drainage of the liver, cleaning it of the toxins that cause you harm. The most important effects are seen when just the symptoms of the disease are starting.


Take on an empty stomach a dissolved in a glass of warm water, lemon juice is a very effective remedy to cleanse the liver.

Papaya seeds:

These seeds have produced excellent results in the treatment of cirrhosis, especially when it is just beginning to manifest itself.

Causes, prevention and treatment of cirrhosis

5- How can I prevent cirrhosis?

The most effective way to prevent cirrhosis is taking a healthy diet and avoiding the consumption of alcohol in this way prevents damage to the liver cells.
They must never mix the medications with alcohol, also avoid the consumption of medicines without medical clearance.
When some chemicals should be handled, it is essential to use adequate protection, since inhalation or physical contact of any chemical is harmful to health in general and affects the liver, since these substances travel through the blood.

6- Yes it is possible to live with cirrhosis!

People suffering from cirrhosis can live for many years with this disease, even though the complications that this causes as there are currently many treatments that can be quite effective. There is evidence of a large number of people have suffered from the disease and have been to which transplantation liver with very satisfactory results, following with their life completely normal and full of health.
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