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5 simple and original ways of eating oats

Oats is one of the healthiest grains that can be found. It has many properties for our health, since it is very rich in fiber and energy and, at the same time, regulates our nervous system. In this article you will learn various ways to cook it so that you can consume it every day without realizing. Test these delicious and original recipes and take advantage of oats!

5 simple and original ways of eating oats

1- Benefits of oats:

It regulates blood sugar levels.
Decreases hypertension and cholesterol.
It has diuretic properties that help eliminate excess fluids.
It is an excellent laxative.
It gives us a lot of energy and combat States of exhaustion and convalescence.
Increases libido.
It is a very satiating food.
It is a regulator of the nervous system, ideal for cases of anxiety and stress.

2- A full breakfast:

As we have said, the Oatmeal is very energetic, making it one of the best times to take it in the morning, to start your day with energy and not feel hungry until lunch time. To this end we propose this full breakfast:

Two tablespoons of raw oats ground or put to soak all night.
A yogurt.
A tablespoon of honey.
A handful of nuts or seeds.
A handful of dried fruit (plums, grapes or figs).
Combine the ingredients well and decorate with a little cocoa powder.

5 simple and original ways of eating oats

3- English porridge:

Under this name hides a recipe that would be comparable to the rice with milk, but in the English version, which is made with oats. Even it is not only healthier, but more consistent. Take it for breakfast, snack or a good time before a significant physical or mental effort.
Put to boil a cup of milk (can also be drunk oatmeal or other cereal) with three tablespoons of flakes of oatmeal and a stick of cinnamon. Let Cook 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. So simple and fast so we will have the basis of a very nutritious dish which you can complete with fresh fruit and sweeten with brown sugar, honey or agave syrup.

4- Vegetable creams:

Oats is the ideal complement for our vegetable creams, since it provides consistency and creaminess. It may be ideal to replace the potato, cheese or cream that is usually cast in many creams and so you have a recipe also satiating, but lighter.
Add a tablespoon of oatmeal per person to the cooking of the vegetables and it then grind everything. We also have already ground flakes and thus will add it to thicken a soup or cream at the moment without having to beat it then.

5- Breaded:

The way more original and delicious use oats is this: make the batter with oats ground, instead of using bread crumbs or flour. We can use fully ground oats or leave the whole flakes, and even combine it with seeds to give an even more original touch. We recommend to try, for example, a few slices of Baked Eggplant breaded with whole oat flakes.
Prescriptions will be juicy and crunchy at the same time.

5 simple and original ways of eating oats

6- Milk and cream oatmeal:

With this recipe you will take oatmeal almost without realizing. Ideal for those who cannot tolerate lactose or find it difficult to digest milk, for those who have problems of skin or excess mucus, since vegetable drinks replace milk without having to take a glass whenever we want. In addition, prepares the most simple way.
We beat a tablespoon of oatmeal for a glass of water at room temperature, for at least one minute, until we see that the water is dyed white. Well, strain and sweeten to taste.
We can take it cold or hot, in the same way as cow's milk, and we can also use it for cooking. If I want to use as cream simply beat more oatmeal and less water and optionally not strain it at all. Without a doubt, a way more light and healthy develop our usual dishes, also giving them a twist of flavor.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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