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Uses and unknown properties of coriander

A spice widely used in Europe, more precisely in the Southeast, since used to give a flavour of the different meals. Also used in the cuisine of China, India, Latin America and Turkey. But in addition to culinary properties, it is very good for health. Get to know what does the coriander in the following article and begins to add it to your recipes!
This aromatic has the ability to give you a delicious taste to the meat, soups and creams. Its leaves are similar to the of the parsley. The seeds can also be use as a condiment. In some countries is called coriander or coriander.

1- Properties of coriander:

First, it is worth noting that cilantro is rich in oils that have the ability to enhance the capabilities of the digestive system. For example, it stimulates the appetite and relieves irritation that may cause certain foods. At the same time, is a vegetable with a lot of vitamins, especially the A and K, but also B, C and E.
And as if outside, cilantro has little nutrients and minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. How you can detoxify the body of metals, because its elements adhere to the toxic, it is excellent to remove them through the urine or sweat.
If you have problems in the respiratory system, drink an infusion made with a handful of coriander fruits per cup of water. You can drive out all the mucus from the lungs, larynx and even nose.
Women who have problems to produce breast milk after giving birth (for example which have had a caesarean birth), can consume tea of cilantro. This plant is also good to reduce liver failure, purify the body from bacteria and clean the blood cholesterol, LDL or "bad".
Coriandrum Sativum L (scientific name) has six different types of acids (especially the Ascorbic, known as vitamin C), why is that brings great benefits to health.

2- Advantages of consuming coriander:

Uses and unknown properties of coriander

It reduces inflammations:

To possess anti-rheumatic and antiartriticas properties, reduces inflammations caused by rheumatism or arthritis, two very painful degenerative diseases. And at the same time, it has diuretic, good properties for kidney problems, from failure to kidney stones.

It lowers cholesterol:

As already indicated, this plant with a very special flavor, has the ability to reduce bad blood cholesterol levels. At the same time, eliminate the accumulation of fat in the inner walls of veins and arteries, preventing heart attacks.

It reduces diarrhea:

Components of cilantro (e.g. essential oils) are used to promote digestion. They serve, moreover, to improve the functioning of the liver and the intestine. For this reason it is that they are useful to treat diarrhea when it is due to microbial or fungal problems. The fresh leaves of the plant are very good as an aperitif.

Uses and unknown properties of coriander

Cure mouth ulcers:

If you have canker sores, ulcers or sores in the mouth, you can take advantage of the benefits of coriander. Due to its antiseptic, healing and anti-microbial properties, you will be able to cure and treat these wounds in the mouth. At the same time, it is an excellent remedy for halitosis, because it freshens the breath.

Combats anemia:

This is because that cilantro has a high content of iron. Therefore, it is perfect for those who have anemia ferrous. Please eat it raw in salads, for example, as an infusion or chopped in sauces, creams and soups.

It improves digestive problems:

The plant opens the appetite, which is used in convalescent patients, also used to treat anorexia. It helps to secrete more enzymes and gastric juices, very good for those who suffer from digestive problems. It stimulates the Peristaltic movement.

It strengthens the immune system:

The essential oils of coriander are rich in antioxidant, anti-infective and detoxifying. In addition, by having vitamin C and iron strengthen the immune system and can be used to improve the pictures of smallpox, since it reduces pain and cause relief.

It eliminates the conjunctivitis:

Cilantro is an excellent disinfectant, therefore, serves to heal the view of any contagious disease, such as conjunctivitis. It is also advised to treat the aging eye, macular degeneration and other factors of stress in the view.
It can also be used in minor injuries. Make an infusion with a handful of leaves in a cup of water boiling. Let cool and soak a cotton, which you will pass by the eyes.

It helps diabetics:

Those people who have type II diabetes can add cilantro to your meals to secrete insulin, and at the same time reduce blood sugar levels.

Uses and unknown properties of coriander

Ally of women:

Coriander tea is perfect for reducing or balancing the hormonal changes related to menstruation. It has also been shown to reduce menstrual cramps.

It improves the functions of various organs and glands:

Cilantro is perfect for improving the health status of liver, pancreas, lungs of stomach, and also of the endocrine glands.
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