Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Learn to make a natural vanilla perfume!

Vanilla has a delicious aroma, for this reason is used most often in the kitchen to give flavor and aroma of various preparations, especially to the desserts, but is also commonly used in natural medicine thanks to its spectacular properties. Today will seize all profits in a natural perfume made in house.

1- Benefits of the aromas of vanilla:

The exquisite and pleasant aroma of vanilla makes us feel a great power at the very moment that we're sorry, the same way allows to significantly improve our State of mind, since it helps to calm the anxiety. The fragrances that are made based on vanilla are recommended for people who have problems with depression.
The perfume with vanilla fragrance helps us to relax more easily, since it has a sedative effect, also helps us to avoid insomnia that produces stress. Similarly you must take into account that it can be of great help to keep mosquitoes away from us, since it is a natural repellent excellent.

2- Prepare vanilla perfume:

Learn to make a natural vanilla perfume!


-A glass Lidded vessel
-A container for perfume
-A knife
-A filter for coffee
-70% alcohol
-From four to five pods of vanilla
-Twenty drops of jojoba or sweet almond oil

How to prepare:

Actually prepare this perfume with vanilla is quite simple, as first step vanilla pods must be opened by half. Subsequently they scrape by removing all the pasta which have inside and placed in a glass container. Pods that are can also be used and should be cut into very small pieces.
Immediately a quantity of alcohol is poured so that the pods are completely covered, cover the container and is left in a warm, dry place for six weeks approximately. During that time you must uncover once every week to remove very well, and should be covered. When they have six weeks past is uncovered and strain using one or two filters for coffee.
When the preparation is completely cast, can be passed to the container that we have for the perfume and the addition of a few drops of the oil that we chose (oil is intended to allow that the perfume last longer in our skin).
Perfume should be stored in a cool and dry place, also can last for several months, after which the fragrance will be waning slowly, so it must be treated using four months before.
And you, would you encourage to prepare your own vanilla perfume?
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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