Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to discover our degree of body acidity?

Did you know that each organ and area of our body has a specific degree of acidity and that when this is altered is when diseases appear? This grade is called pH and goes from more alkaline levels to the more acidic. In this article you will learn what is pH, is measured through the urine and saliva and help to prevent health problems in general.

How to discover our degree of body acidity?

1- What is the pH?

PH is a scale from 0 to 14 which helps us to measure the degree of acidity or alkalinity. In this way, as we get closer to 0 there are more acidity, while there as we go up to 14 more alkalinity. The values that are around 7 considered neutral.
For example, some soaps are called neutral pH, or even specify pH 5.5 on the label, precisely because that is our skin's pH. So in this article we will specify some of these issues so that we learn how to properly care for our body.

2- A body, different pH:

Although we generally say that the cause of many diseases is an excess of acidity, caused by a poor diet, bad habits, pollution, stress, etc., the truth is that the ideal is that each organ is balanced, in its healthy pH. For example, the stomach is naturally acid content in hydrochloric acid. If is not acid enough not could digest certain foods.
On the other hand, the saliva can sometimes give more alkaline values. Finally, the blood is the fluid of the body which has more constant values, approximately 7.4.

How to discover our degree of body acidity?

3- How we know our pH?

The easiest way to find parts of our body pH is through a test strips that are often marketed in pharmacies and just wetting them will see appear the corresponding to the pH color, such as we can decipher with the help of the indicator that accompanies it. In this way we can find out our urine and our saliva pH.

4- Urine:

It is quite common to measure the pH of the urine to detect diseases. In a healthy person, the pH is between the 4.5 and 8, so it is slightly acidic.
If it is higher than 8 could indicate that we are suffering from a urinary tract infection, but we will only confirm it if we suffer the symptoms, since sodium bicarbonate or some foods also could give more alkaline values.
If it is lower that 4.5 might indicate that we are suffering from gout, but it can also occur in a power which we have abused the meat or in a period of fasting.

5- Saliva:

Saliva tends to have a pH around 6.5 and 7. If we find values more acids could be originating in the stomach, caused by poor digestion. These alterations do not only affect our health in general but rather to alter the pH of saliva, us predispose problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis, among others. So the solution is to improve the digestion.

How to discover our degree of body acidity?

6- Skin:

As we have said, the pH of the skin is 5.5, fairly neutral to slightly acidic. Therefore it is essential that we use products that are not too aggressive with the skin, containing natural ingredients and avoid the paraffin and other petroleum, sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens. The detergent substances, for example, often have values around the 10, so are quite aggressive for our skin if we do not protect us with gloves.
On the other hand, to combat the harmful effects on our skin can finish the showers throwing us on hair and skin a mixture of one part of Apple Cider vinegar for 3 parts of water. Vinegar, in addition to having many properties, helps us to slightly acidify our skin while protecting it and leaves it soft and balanced.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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