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Is it good to bathe with cold water?

Many are those who advise to bathe with cold water even in winter because it is beneficial to health. It must also take into account some 'contraindications' this practice before its implementation or not. Answering the question of is it good to bathe with cold water? In the following article.

Is it good to bathe with cold water?

1- Benefits of cold water for our health:

Water is a source of life and is present in a large percentage of our body, tell us to drink two litres a day to keep us hydrated and reportedly has benefits not only internal but also external. On very few occasions we use cold water to clean us, although it is summer. Moreover, we choose to bathe with hot water in winter and warm in the hot months.
Not for anything in the SPA and beauty centres used a technique to activate blood circulation that includes cold water. It is that it allows improving the irrigation of the cells of the body and improve the aesthetics of the skin overall.
In addition, cold water is good to stretch the skin, relieve tension of the muscles (many consider hot water nothing more), perform an Exfoliating effect to eliminate dead skin cells and to rebuild, and to relax the muscles. After exercise is a good cold shower for muscles "to return to its usual State".
It is very good for the scalp, because it improves the general condition of the hair, adds shine and more strength (if not ready to bathe with cold water, at least, the final rinse of the hair may be hot). Furthermore, it is said which serves to prevent baldness and eliminate dandruff naturally. Hot water opens the pores of the hair and causes more fat. If you want to dry hair, use cold water.
Showers with cold water at the same time stimulates the formation of red blood cells and enhance the willingness of defenses against attacks from bacteria and viruses. Thus, you prevent flu and colds (another misconception we often have on the cold water and diseases). They keep us alert, are used to "wake up" in the morning, reconstituted the body, keep clear mind and take the dream. It is also recommended to take a bath of cold water before meditation because the mind will be more controllable and serene. It serves to combat depression and activates brain functions. After this practice, you will feel much places and well-being.
As if that weren't enough, increase the cleansing qualities of the body. Low temperatures of water have a diuretic effect and prevent the accumulation of liquids and fat nodules. In the case of men, the "brave" who dare bathe with cold water will increase its secretion of testosterone and will improve the quality of the sperm.
If you've had a very busy day at work or you're standing long hours, a good idea is to take a shower of cold water or immerse the legs for inflammation of the veins collapse and reactivate circulation.
Research has shown that ice water decreases the odds of suffering from diseases related to cooling, in addition to cure pulmonary tuberculosis, inflammation in the organs, skin diseases and disorders in menstrual cycles.

Is it good to bathe with cold water?

2- Advantages of the cold baths: overview:

It stimulates the immune system
It achieved a more firm, young and healthy skin
Put on alert the defense mechanisms
It stimulates the internal organs
It promotes good blood circulation
It allows oxygen is "distributed" more efficiently in the body
It soothes the skin of eczema, itching and hives
It is good for when we passed to the Sun
It helps to wake up and put the Agency on alert
It causes vascular contraction, helping to cure or prevent varicose veins
It helps to eliminate toxins through the pores
It gives hair shine and health
Avoid baldness and dandruff

3- Disadvantages of bathe with cold water:

In relation to the possible side effects of bathing in cold water, doctors suggest that there is too many. It is contraindicated for people who suffer from hyperthyroidism, which tend to be more holed the rest. Those who suffer heart problems should not follow this practice, as well as those who have problems of insomnia or sleep, because it stimulates the nervous system, contrary to hot showers, relaxing.

Is it good to bathe with cold water?

4- More information about cold water baths:

It is recommended to avoid the cold baths of abruptly, because it can cause a very strong body stress and disharmonize heart rhythms, is also bad for the lungs. Dips or water temperature changes must be gradual. Then, start with a warm water bath and go down slowly, first warm and then cold. During the summer or spring, it will be easier to "accept" this practice than in winter or autumn, so when the best cold weather is that not is "boiling water" either insert a day with each temperature.
In the case of children, should pay attention to the temperature of the water to bathe. It is more common to choose the "intermediate" temperature, so if you want them also will not take advantage of the cold showers make an adaptation as well as the adults. There are no contraindications for the age, also older people, always taking into account the pros and cons can follow him.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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