Thursday, September 3, 2015

Relationship between headaches and constipation help it!

Maybe you surprised, but sometimes many of those headaches that we usually may be due to constipation, toxic excess that we must purge of our body. We give you all the information.

1- Relationship between headache and constipation:

I am sure that has ever happened to you. You've some days without being able to go to the bathroom, you feel heavy and bloated, with too much pressure on your stomach and some tiredness. When evening comes, suddenly appears that headache that bother us so much, that both interferes in our life. (E) it is even possible that you lift it, with that headache caused essentially by an accumulation of toxic that we must eliminate as soon as possible. It is worthwhile then to know all the symptoms to keep that in mind and learn to identify those days when our headaches are due to problems of constipation. We take note?
Sometimes, we can suffer what is known as a toxaemia, an accumulation of toxic waste stored in the intestine. And we must be careful, because these can pass into our bloodstream. They are essentially waste which have not been eliminated and that end up rotting in our body.
Headache appears in the evenings or newly raised. In addition, it is common to feel like a kind and internal temperature rise. We feel like burning inside, and that is basically due to those deteriorating inside our body and waste that must be expelled.
We also tend to feel bloated and slow, with a tiredness that translates into a kind of pumping in our head that goes from low to high, which begins with a slight nuisance and ending with an internal burning and a high headache that can cause dizziness to us.
Sometimes, this constipation is also associated to periods of high stress, nerves, lack of sleep and pressure at work or family problems. You should remember that any emotional effect in our life has its effects in our body. The need for debugging our body is essential to enjoy a balance in our body. It is worth remembering it.

2- How to avoid constipation in our day to day:

Relationship between headaches and constipation help it!

1. Options in your breakfast:

A bowl with an orange cut to pieces with three strawberries and coffee with oat milk.
Orange juice with a five grain with medium avocado toast.
A yogurt with flakes of oatmeal and three walnuts into small pieces.

2. Options in your lunch:

Spinach with walnuts and feta cheese and a grilled breast
Brown rice with pine nuts and a spinach salad with pineapple chunks.
Lentils with rice with a salad of chopped lettuce mixed with grains of a grenade.
Chickpeas with tomatoes salad and an avocado salad with chopped walnuts.

Relationship between headaches and constipation help it!

3. To the afternoon:

An Apple baked stuffed with nuts and raisins.
An infusion of ginger.
An infusion of dandelion
A toasted integral with Parmesan cheese.
A yogurt with a tablespoon of honey
A green tea with a bit of cinnamon.

4. Dinners:

Leeks with salmon and asparagus puree.
Salad of beets and kiwi and a baked sea bass.
An Apple baked with cinnamon and walnuts with white yogurt.
Eggplant with tomatoes and cheese in the oven.
Artichokes with vinegar and olive oil, and applesauce.

Relationship between headaches and constipation help it!

3- Other tips to treat constipation:

Let's try drinking about two liters of water a day, it is essential that you keep hydrated. An easy way that you easier is by adding a bit of lemon juice.
We can start the morning with an infusion of aloe vera and lemon, it acts as a great debugger and bowel protector that is worth trying. You don't have to bring to a boil a cup of water with one teaspoon of aloe vera gel. When it rests, add five drops of lemon juice and drink on an empty stomach.
You try to move a little bit, go out walking for example. Thus we activate and move our body by activating it, thereby preventing the intestinal tract becomes sluggish.
Avoid sweets, refined flours, fats, all made that digestion will become slow and heavy, until the constipation.
In the respective to the emotional level we must take into account that our body is not a wall that can withstand it all. We are very sensitive to the anxiety, the pressures... our body is altered and suffers. All this makes our digestion to suffer problems, it costs us to go to the bathroom, which our tension rises, our body is full of toxins. All this leads to a high content of toxic elements that we inflamed inside and derived in the classic headache. It is more common than we think and we must bear it in mind. Your health is worth it.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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