Friday, September 4, 2015

Find out how you can wash your hair without shampoo

Today our hair gets dirty easily, especially if you have fat. Pollution and excessive consumption of harmful fats increase the dirt in our hair and force us to wash it more often, which can be harmful in the long run, since damages the natural protective layer of the scalp.
In this article we explain what natural alternatives we have to wash the hair but only using such natural products as clay, vinegar or baking soda.

Find out how you can wash your hair without shampoo

1- Why must we not abuse shampoo?

Formerly women were washing the hair once a week or every fortnight, and old photographs show that their hair were beautiful and abundant. What has happened now? It is true that there are factors that make our hair to accumulate dirt more easily, such as the pollution and poor diet, but there is also a tendency to want to clean our body with products that are really aggressive to our natural pH in excess.
Most conventional shampoos contain substances which in the long run damage the scalp, such as parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate. It is true that we can use natural or organic shampoo free of harmful substances, but in most cases have a high price.
This is why in this article you will learn how you can wash your hair with natural and economic products, enjoying at the same time a hair clean and healthy.

2- The ghassoul:

The ghassoul or rhassoul is a type of clay used in some countries árables to the beauty of the skin and hair. We found it in powder or small plates that we mix with a bit of hot water so they become a creamy paste that will be used as a shampoo, gently massaging the scalp and leaving Act for one to two minutes before rinsing with warm water.
The great advantage of the ghassoul is that it acts as sebum regulator, so it is recommended for all types of hair, since it will never let dry or too oily. In addition, clean in depth and its continuous use allows that the scalp is go regulating increasingly so over time we can go spacing washes so they are not so continued, without having to wear dirty or oily hair.
The ghassoul is difficult to achieve in some countries. We can find it in Arab shops, in some health food stores or online.

3- Sodium bicarbonate:

Sodium bicarbonate is a product that can be used for many things, including cleaning the hair, but must follow the following steps.
We thicken 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of hot water. When warm, we will apply the liquid in the roots of our hair, only on the scalp, to prevent it drying out too much tips. We can do it with the help of a plastic boat that has a fine entry.
We massage well and clarify with water.

4- Vinegar:

Vinegar is another miraculous food much used in ancient health and beauty remedies. In this case it will work perfectly as a conditioner, since it brings shine and softness to the hair if we apply it in the last step.
We will mix three-fourths of a cup of water with a quarter of Apple Cider vinegar, and apply this liquid after having washed your hair (with ghassoul, bicarbonate or with natural shampoo), for later, after one or two minutes, rinse thoroughly with water.
If we wish we can add to this liquid any drops of an essential oil, to improve its aroma, while the hair will not smell vinegar when it is dry.

Find out how you can wash your hair without shampoo

5- Cornstarch:

Cornstarch is a flour that allows us to do a "dry cleaning". It is not a product that clean or wash our hair, but is what allows a moment in which we can not wash us and need to improve your appearance, remove grease or debris.
To use it properly apply directly the cornstarch (a teaspoon about) on the scalp, we slightly massage and later comb well to remove all traces.
At the moment our hair will look less fatty look.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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