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The "diet" to detoxify lungs

Contrary to what is believed, not just smokers (active or passive) should do a cleaning of your lungs. This body, one of the most important in the human body, can be affected by toxic substances, by the smog of cities, by environmental pollution, by the type of work performed, or by lack of physical activity, among others. Therefore you can implement the diet for detoxifying the lungs, getting in a healthy manner that is clean of all those toxins that makes them so badly. Learn more in the following article.

The "diet" to detoxify lungs

1- Why is it necessary to clean the lungs?

Many speak of cleaning the blood, skin and hair, or even the intestines, but... What about the lungs? They are those who every day receive different gases and toxic air that accumulate and can cause many diseases. This routine cleaning is not only suitable for smokers or those who just leave the Vice, but for all those who want to enjoy better health. If you tend to get sick enough of the bronchi or feel that you are missing the air (this might be also the fact of not exercising), if you live or work with someone who smokes a lot or if you go through the city full of cars and buses to go to the office, this lung Detox Diet you will come of wonders.
It is also, as far as possible, avoid those occasions in which your lungs become contaminated. Maybe not can go to live in the country, but yes spend more time outdoors, or surrounded by trees and nature weekends.

2- Diet for detoxifying the lungs:

This routine is performed during three consecutive days and a good idea is that you make it when you're on vacation, since in those 72 hours you have to:
Avoid going to places where you can contaminate (as noted in the above section).
Avoid people who smoke.
Eat light, mainly fruit and vegetable salads.
Avoid eating red or white meats.
Remove the intake of dairy (milk, yogurt, butter, cream, cheese, ice cream), because they cause allergies or intolerance, causing respiratory problems for many people.
Avoid caffeine, soft drinks, refined sugar and industrial juice.
Drinking water (2 liters per day), fat-free vegetable soups and herbal infusions.
Include antimicrobial, such as Rosemary, thyme, and oregano herbs in foods soups and juices.
All these actions will help you release toxins that find themselves trapped in the gut and may be causing constipation. It is good to know that during purification, lungs can not overload of work or difficult task requiring much effort, either working, cleaning, carrying objects, Sport etc. Therefore it is instructed to do so when we are on vacation or a long weekend, for example, to be able to stay at home, relaxed.

The "diet" to detoxify lungs

3- Juice to detoxify lungs:

In addition to complying with the steps before, as part of the diet for debugging the lungs, do eat three different juices during the three days.
Before breakfast, you are taking a lot of vitamin C, which will increase your immunity and at the same time improve lung health. He squeezed two lemons and add a cup or glass of water. If you hate the lemon lot, replaced with grapefruit or grapefruit. Remember that to sweeten, they are allowed only natural options as stevia or raw sugar, although where possible we must drink natural.
Mid morning you'll need much potassium, a mineral that cleans the body, prevents cramps and regulates our body fluid to be distributed to all organs. Drink one or two glasses of a potassium-rich smoothie. A recipe can be:

1 banana.
Half a cup of plum or loquat pulp.
Half a cup of strawberries.
Half a cup of papaya.
Two glasses of rice or almond milk.
Three dates.
For the lunch hour, in addition to consume many raw salads, don't forget the carotenoids, which improve the State of the mucous membranes of the lung tissue and protects cells from these organs. More of this nutrient foods are: carrot, tomato, beetroot, Orange, red pepper, melon, mango, tomato and peach. You can make a juice or smoothie mix 300 ml of carrot juice, a green or Red Apple and a handful of parsley. It will bring you a lot of vitamin A and especially carotenoids which alkalize the blood.
Before going to sleep (two hours after dinner), it is necessary to drink two glasses of cranberry juice. This dark and small fruit has many properties, among them is the ease in destroying the bacteria from the lungs and prevent infections.
Finally, you must meet with a routine care or body cleaning and good habits:
Take a 20-minute steam bath to remove toxins from the body through perspiration. Add 10 drops of essential oil of eucalyptus in water or in a towel to wrap you when you leave the bathroom.
Salt to a space outdoors, as a park that is filled with trees and plants. As far as possible, that is away from the city centre.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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