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The cleansing diet of red rice

The integral red rice is a slightly well-known but very nourishing variety, which owes its color and its properties to the fact of which it maintains the skin that surrounds the grain, which contains a large number of nutrients and fiber.
In this article we tell how you can do a depurant diet by means of red rice that will allow you to eliminate the excess weight, cholesterol and triglycerides without spending famine and without big efforts.

The cleansing diet of red rice

1- Benefits of red rice:

First we are going to list the benefits of red rice for our health, since that is the main ingredient of our diet purifying:

It is rich in fiber
Regulates blood sugar levels
It is antioxidant
Contains vitamin B6 and minerals such as iron, manganese or zinc.
Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels

2- Advantages of this diet:

This is not a diet to realize of way continued for any more than three days, but it is a punctual cleanliness of our organism that helps us to compensate the excesses of every day
The integral red rice is a food much satiate, therefore we will avoid to spend famine during the diet. It is possible that yes that we have whims of eating other things, but that has not anything in common with the famine.
 The body, and specifically the stomach, they go flat easily with this diet, since the digestive process is facilitated very much.
With this diet we will lose some weight but we will have to keep on taking care later of the feeding not to recover it easily
The constipation fights without need to take supplements or laxatives, thanks to the fibre of the rice
It facilitates the elimination of toxins to itself across the dregs, the urine, the perspiration, etc. and the body has the possibility of getting rid of substances that poison it
The body also eliminates the mucus excess, improving chronic pathologies as the sinusitis
We can notice mitigation or progress of our illnesses or chronic pains

The cleansing diet of red rice

3- What do we need?

To perform this simple diet purifying we will need the following ingredients:
Red Rice integral, preferably ecological
Gomasio (sesame roasted and ground with marine salt)
Apples (optional or for cases in which you are suffering from gastric hyper acidity)

4- How do we do?

For three days we will consume exclusively these ingredients. Although there are people who make this diet for a longer period of time or to treat certain diseases, in this case we would recommend that would always under professional supervision.
Each day we will consume 250 grams of rice seasoned with gomasio, distributed all of four meals throughout the day.
For this diet is very important that chew some 80 times each spoonful, until we become aware of the food is almost liquid. This is one of the keys to the success of this diet, so we must be rigorous in its execution.
In case of suffer gastric hyper acidity or have great need for something to eat raw, we can eat up to three apples a day, ecological, and with your skin, Epulon also in the same way.
The days preceding and following the diet we eat mainly vegetables, fruit, vegetables and brown rice.

5- How do we prepare the rice?

Wash Our the rice before cooking it.
The red rice integral needs to be boiled longer than the white, because it is more hard. What to cook approximately 40 minutes, at the rate of one measure of rice by two of water.
There is no need to add oil, salt or any other type of seasoning rather than the gomasio.

The cleansing diet of red rice

6- What is and how to prepare the gomasio?

We can buy it already developed or prepare it at home ourselves:
Toast in the frying pan 20 teaspoons of sesame seed oil, monitor that they do not burn. We'll add you to the frying pan also a teaspoon of sea salt.
Subsequently  in a mortar or crush in a grinder.
So we will keep in a glass boat tightly closed. The salt will also act as a preservative natural.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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