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Symptoms of an infection in the liver

Inflamed liver or hepatomegaly is a disease that we must bear in mind. It happens when this essential organ experience an infection and increases in size, causing few symptoms that are worth knowing. Today, in our space, we want to inform you about it for the sake of your health and your family. Discover it here.

Symptoms of an infection in the liver

1- Why can our liver is inflamed?

As you may know, the liver meets basic and essential in our body functions. Synthesizes vitamins, eliminates toxins, filters, purifies harmful elements, regulates levels of amino acids and fats... very important actions that ensure the proper functioning of our body and which have a good quality of life. But sometimes, for the simple fact of fulfilling so many processes, makes some element ends up damaging it. Altering its purpose.
Sometimes are viruses or bacteria that inflamed liver. Other times it is due to a poor diet, excessive fat, alcohol, too much food industry, or take many medications can also cause us to suffer a hepatomegaly. So it is worth taking care of us, and find out what their associated symptoms.

2- Symptoms of inflammation in the liver:

Symptoms of an infection in the liver

1. Flu-like symptoms:

So it is, during the first days of that inflammation in the liver, it is usual to feel the same symptoms as if we had a flu. A very acute fatigue, tenths of fever, muscle pain, vomiting... But as they pass things prognosis does not improve, on the contrary, we feel worse.

2. Swelling of the abdomen:

To treat inflammation, it is usual that notes your gut more swollen and hard. You will feel pain in the abdomen, and whenever you're done eating, you can have a feeling very uncomfortable to feel very full, very heavy and uncomfortable. You feel nausea and your digestion will be fairly slow,

3. Intestinal problems:

A fairly common to have inflamed liver, is go to the bathroom and see how your stools have changed color. They are more white. This is directly due to inflammation caused by a virus. Regarding urine, told doctors that it is common to notice it a darker shade.

4. Bad taste in mouth:

Note a taste as bitter or metallic. You just do not perceive the natural flavor of food and everything has suddenly a nagging feeling in your mouth, therefore it takes you the desire to eat. Notes in addition that you have bad breath. you lose your appetite and you experience dry mouth. It is very characteristic.

Symptoms of an infection in the liver

5. Pain and discomfort:

In addition to the fatigue that you have already spoken, it is common to feel very uncomfortable pain under the ribs. It is a feeling as having a plate hot around our abdomen. Something that makes you lose the desire to do things, make you feel more tired and more sleep.

6. Skin tone:

One of the symptoms that should be immediately put us on alert is if our skin, or our eyes, suddenly acquired a yellowish tone. Jaundice and a symptom it is clear that our liver is sick, so it goes immediately to your doctor.

3- Tests will be done to find out why my swelling is?

Don't worry, most of the liver problems are treatable, and you can recover. What will our doctor in the first place is usually felt our abdomen to notice the swelling. It will then ask us an abdominal x-ray to see if there has been an enlargement of the liver or not. It is also possible to do an abdominal ultrasound, a test that is not annoying or painful. The last phase that you'll spend for a diagnostic light is an MRI of the abdomen. Here is you need to enter you contrast, using an injection fluid. But quiet, as you say the medicine today good treatments available to resolve your infection in the liver.

Symptoms of an infection in the liver

4- Tips to treat an inflamed liver:

In addition to the treatment that we prescribe the doctors, at home we can follow some simple guidelines that will be helpful to you. Notes:

Consume more fiber, more liquids, liquefied and natural vegetable juice. Avoid red meat, milk, fats and meals with many seasoned or chemicals.
Infusion of Thistle: few medicinal plants are as appropriate for your liver as the Thistle. Cure it, detoxifies it and regenerates its cells swelling it. You can find it in natural stores, both in tablets ready for infusion bags. Take it every day and it will make you feel better.
Green tea: you know that green tea is that swollen infusion of incredible properties for our health. It is diuretic, digestive, inflammatory, rich in antioxidants and very suitable to take it every afternoon. Don't miss the opportunity.
Dandelion: do you have at home? It is one of the essential plants to detoxify the liver and to care for him, is like a balm that this body appreciates every day after lunch. Do not hesitate, it is a simple remedy that will do you much good.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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