Saturday, November 7, 2015

Recipe of the tea of roses and its magnificent benefits

Tea roses. Exquisite tenderness smoked by satin freshness of roses, a hot drink that not only will delight lovers of tea, but it also will allow us to take advantage of the innumerable properties of this simple recipe so rooted in Eastern culture, and that no doubt would be advisable to adopt in usual manner in our diet.
The palate and health going us to thank.

1- Magnificent properties of tea roses:

-Regularly consume tea Roses will allow us to first purify our body, it acts on the liver and gallbladder, cleaning them, activating also diuretics mechanisms with which we can perfectly regulate our fluid retention. This is not going to get the first cup of tea, we have to be clear, you need a regular intake of which begin to notice their benefits... so do about if we start this afternoon with one cup hot with good company and pleasant conversation?
-Rose petals have of important benefits for health as we already know, and among them it is worth mentioning the presence of vitamin C. According to the "Food and Drug Administration", has been shown that buds, stem and rose petals, have high levels of vitamin C in its raw form. However, they may lose between 45 and 60 percent of vitamin C through the drying process; so it is advisable to take more fresh petals to make our simple recipe, in order to get the most vitamin C, so important for our immune system, promoting the health of the skin, bones and also help the body to absorb iron.
-Roses tea contains another interesting property that we must bear in mind: their levels of antioxidants, especially catechin polyphenols. Remember that antioxidants are substances that protect the body from damage from free radicals, which can cause cancer. These components can not only prevent the damage of free radicals but also kill cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy cells. Something really interesting to keep us healthy not only inside, but also outside, as roses tea is going to facilitate the to maintain a fresh and young look... and is already the expression says it: "Fresh as a rose".
-Among its benefits is remarkable also its ability to relieve pain caused by menstruation.
-Roses tea is also effective for all those breathing problems caused by the flu and cold.
-Finally say it should be also noted their faculties on the nervous system, regular use can afford to relieve insomnia and fatigue, helping for example to find rest and relief after a long day of work.

2- Preparation of tea roses:

Recipe of the tea of roses and its magnificent benefits


-5 or 6 petals pink clean for a single Cup, important to make sure that they have not received any toxic or pesticide. Recommended also that are fresh (remember that it is as they better keep their properties).
-Honey or sugar if we want to sweeten tea.


Tea Roses is really easy to prepare, have no more place petals on our teapot when the water is boiling, then, allow the mixture to rest for 5 or 10 minutes, strain and serve with honey or sugar according to our desire.
So thus have no excuse not to include among our healthy habits the take a tea roses, a simple pleasure in a simple ancient recipe that will bring a touch of needed health during those hours of the afternoon, in which tiredness, fatigue, appreciate us a dose of magic scented warmth.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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